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  1. I'm so happy Mika on the beach, this is going to be so cool
  2. No, just read the 1st line and you'll see...
  3. LOL don't worry i won't:wink2: I don't want to be chased by mad crazy mika fans
  4. Don't get me wrong i'm not blaming him at all, just the people that surround him....lol You would think that this being his 1st major outing around the globe, that they would be more organised - i'm not talking about things out of their control btw like sickness etc etc. I would have thought that they would have done things 110%, to show that he is better than the rest of all the clones out there, as fans we know he is better than most out there. But alot of people are just beginning to hear his name, and people are very fickle and have short memories, i just think he and anyone else starting out have to be better than the best.
  5. That really does suck. Is his management incapable of organising aganda properly? And doesn't it seem that only the "big gold oldies " like Madonna, Prince, U2 etc etc are able to finish a tour, all the new ones always seem to be cancelling and doing things half assed I'm only writing that because i'm very disappointed and i thought that Mika was different.
  6. LOL, I'm really glad you like it, i'm sure a sound board version of the show will show up soon enough I personally prefer the Milan show, i love having shows were you have just the right amount of audience in it, not to much screaming, not too much singing, Milan is Perfect, I think Berlin lacks some Audience, a little bit more and it would have been perfect
  7. A cover if any one wants to use it...
  8. I found some nice covers for this show...
  9. i'll be your best friend for ever if someone can repost this... Peace
  10. Glad you all like it He was born to be on stage! Peace
  11. Would someone be kind enought to repost this please, the link has expired....snif snif
  12. The Berlin Show http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2924
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