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  1. Ciao a tutti! It's been a while, but I still definetely carry the flame. Here's the audio recording of saturday's gig in Rome. The acoustic of the venue was seriously flawed so the audio quality isn't exactly top notch. Judge from yourselves, hope you'll enjoy. baci! DOWNLOAD AUDIO MIKA LIVE AT ATLANTICO, ROME
  2. Infiniti auguri di buon compleanno, tesoro bello! un bacione



  3. tutto bene dai :-) si studia

  4. Here's an audio recording of the show. Unfortunately, it comes from my handycam and not my precious stereo audio recorder. Hence, its quality isn't exactly HQ, yet again, it's still listenable. http://www.sendspace.com/file/lecfq5 Tracklist: 1 Relax, Take It Easy 2 Rain 3 Kick-Ass (We Are Young) 4 Happy Ending 5 Love Today 6 Grace Kelly 7 We Are Golden 8 Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 9 Lollipop
  5. molto bene grazie, un po' caldo magari. e a te?

  6. okay, here we go! Relax, Take It Easy: I'm going to upload the rest of my videos in the next few days! :-) my connection is really slow, it's going to take some time! thank you everybody for everything you shared here.
  7. ciao matteo!

    ti faccio sapere appena vedo quanti siamo grazie!

  8. ciao mari! se mi fai sapere quanto ti devo per i fiori e un metodo di pagamento ti faccio avere la mia quota! :-)

  9. ciao a te, caro! :-)

  10. Tanti auguroni Matt!!!!

    Buon Natale e Buon Anno!!!




  11. grazie del bacio! :wub2:....much appreciated! :wink2:


    Buone Feste a te e a tutti coloro che ami! :huglove:

  12. nani grazie mille per gli auguri!!!

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