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  1. I'm "signing" the petition! count me in!
  2. THANK YOU avoca!!! I just saw your reply on my request för pics of his family.. And I totally respect wanting to keep his (family's) privacy.
  3. Does anyone have pictures of his mother, sisters and/or brother??!! I would so much like to know what they look like... :eek:
  4. If Mika qualify then I believe I should too I'm 75% swedish and 25% dutch Tell me; is Mika a mix of only 2 nationalities?? //elina-the-viking ... and also mutt no 52??!
  5. Verkar va många danske piger här.. ;-) Vikings sure have good taste!
  6. I would really like to see a video for stuck in the middle cos he won't say what it's about ;-) and it would be interesting to see what kind of "story" the video would tell ...
  7. Hi! Just joined... I felt i had to since i sleep i breath i eat : MIKA ;-) completly obsessed and possessed ...
  8. Does anyone know where i can see pictures of his brother and sisters?!!
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