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  1. today i met 2 mikas...one was a samoyd dog (Soo fluffy)
  2. Except me... I was there in spirit and mikagifts!
  3. bake a real pavlova? aint nobody got time fo dat!
  4. of course except woolies is called countdown in timelord land
  5. love you too Leo, my fellow timelord. we should catchup IRL! i guess its edible...
  6. here i was in the process of making it...takes a while. I ate some already!
  7. happy anniversary guys im bright and early mainly because im bright and early because im a timelord and therefore 2-3hrs ahead of yall.
  8. oh hello you all i havent had time to reply much since the earthquake. none of the regular posters were in christchurch at the time but whether or not we have family there to say the whole country is effected in one way or another. we are ok. i dont know why i dont get emails from this thread anymore...i did create it and all...weird
  9. Happy Birthday


  10. happy birthday!!! :yay:

  11. **sneaks into chat** why hello loonnnggg time since I graced you all with my wonderful pressance! hows it goin!
  12. pitty about the weather has it cleared up there yet? lol waihiki has a whole lot more feries, good choice! photos??? WHEN DO YOU GUYS LEAVE?? im trying to figure out if theres a way I can see you even for a day if I stay with my friend in taupo or something. Ill be gutted if I cant but ya know, still get to entertain bianca. and watch you guy have fun on the vloggy thingies
  13. what date you leave rotorua?? lol who me? rave about it? never! giapo isnt just gelato its the atmosphare, karaoki night on thursdays is pretty epic. then theres the local celebrity pattyboi, also it has free wifi!! The gelato though,is tastyness in its healthyness! its all organic fabulousness. waihiki actually has shopping! dont miss the ferry back if you go to rangitoto or youll have to take a watertaxi or camp a the neighbouring island. p.s civil defence emergency workers are on standby when the aussies come to town. Its a street in auckland and yes, thats a cannoe
  14. did you go to giapo?? which island you going? rangitoto is a volcano and its a nice treck up to the top, it also has no running water or civalization. waihiki is nice for wine tours etc or you talking about devonport? are you having a good time??
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