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  1. I agree I loved SD, Missionary man is a good song but seems they chose it just so Saranayde could join in. She's a stunning girl with a fabulous voice. But a backing singer should be just that - backing, she is constantly bouncing right behind Mika like a shadow! Has she just signed to the label and the record comapany are trying to boost her profile using Mika - maybe hoping the loyal Mika fans will automatically take her to their hearts too?. I have never been to a show where a harmonies backing singer has taken centre stage for more than one song. She is extremely talented and I'm sure she will have a very successful career of her own very soon but, I went to see a Mika show, not Mika and Saranayde show. Mika seemed to manage fine before she appeared, they just seem to be finding bits for her to do - i.e. dance in costumes whilst he changes his shirt etc. It all seemed a bit surpluss to requirements. Cathi XX
  2. Big sploshhhh to Mika Mad - not sure a bucket will do..........someone fetch the hosepipe!!!!
  3. Who am I to ruin your mental image? So I'm going to say ....NO!!!
  4. I'm sorry must post this again just to make sure that you all got it!!! :eek: I am hypnotised!!!! :blink:
  5. Oh I don't want to spoil your mental image so i'll say............NO HEE HEE:naughty:
  6. oooh hang on I think I might have found a way let see if this works
  7. Ok I've posted this on the Birmingham thread and I'm not sure I'm supposed to post them here as well, but as I can't upload my photos to this site and as there are some very gorgeous one (In particular a barechested Mika) I thought I'd post the link for my photobucket album here for you all to enjoy http://s29.photobucket.com/albums/c260/cathij0269/mika%20birmingham%20nov%2022nd/
  8. Mika Mad - you are the bestest mum .....ever!!!!! she was so excited about the concert - I mean after 5 hours of queueing in the freezing cold and then the crush inside then a big balloon then meeting mika (she looked awestruck like she couldn't believe it!) the big balloon go "BANG" then sobbing, then getting a poster signed then a cuddle and photo - She's had a long day bless her - not to mention getting slightly over-mothered by all of us - enough to make anyone want to cry!!!!!
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