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  1. Hey everyone! (I'm not sure if anyone even remembers me because I haven't been on here in so long...also I'm not sure if this is in the right place, if not it can be moved haha) But I'm a senior in highschool now and I have to do a senior project. I decided to do mine on British culture, specifically looking at London and I thought MFC would be a great source since I think many of you are from England! Now I'll get to the point (I've missed those smilies haha) I was wondering if anyone whose been to/lives in London (or England in general) could tell me a little bit about the culture and things like the food, fashion, music or people or anything thing else. How do you define the culture of London? Also any tips or experiences you guys have would be great too! Thanks to anyone who went through and read all of this!
  2. It was fun! I think Hugh liked the snow...it was a little cold Yeah, Hugh's good I'm getting ready to send him off to Petra!
  3. Thanks Natalie! :huglove:

  4. Thanks Keti!! Merry Christmas to you too! :biggrin2: Hope you had a wonderful day! :huglove:

  5. Merry Xmas Natalie!! :huglove:



  6. Yeah, I better get outside quick then, because the snow is already melting I'll go out later Haha yes, I did like it Here are a couple pics from yesterday... looking at the snow
  7. Hey Celien! I'm glad you liked the card! :huglove: I received your card too! Thanks so much!! Hope you have a great holiday! :huglove:

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