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  1. gotta go to my grandma's now! Good luck tomorrow in school, fellow school-hater!
  2. lol! I get what you mean... so just ignore her. Almost zero percent of students succeed in fighting a teacher or professor for whatever reason.
  3. Oh god... did you try to POLITELY talk to her about it? Something like "I'm sorry, but could you please take a look at my test" And it's better if you show her other people's answers to compare with yours.
  4. A way of "slapping her in the face" is if you study and get the highest grade in the class! I did that to a portuguese and then with a math teacher, it worked REALLY well! Afterwards, they totally changed and started treating me as the 'teacher's pet' and I was completely indifferent, it felt gooood!
  5. Oh, you're just being modest... haha you should see my last year's philosophy project... to me, anyone that successfully delivers a 3 minute film is a genius. I bet it was great. God, I hate it! This time is even more stressfull cause none of the group is a close friend, so I can't bitch about it! :ghostrider_h4h:

  6. To be honest, it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to.


    That is why group work is always difficult.

  7. Oh god! 10 weeks is quite a lot of time of planning for just 10 minutes of final result. I bet it was a great documentary. Don't tell anyone but... I haven't picked the song/lyrics yet, ALTHOUGH I know it's going to have poverty as the main subject. The thing is that it's a group project but none of the group's members are online hence I'm the only person who's actually doing something. I must say I'm not exactly motivated.

  8. I know video projects take a lot of time. I did a 10 minute documentary last year it uni. It took 10 weeks. :naughty: What lyrics have you picked?

  9. wow you're fast! It's a silly little video project. I'll have to make a video collage with some pictures that are related to a song's lyrics. It's really 7th grade actually, but it kinda takes time.

  10. What is the subject?

  11. I'm very well, thank you :) Just a little busy with a school project that is due tomorrow... :wheelchair:

  12. Hello. I'm well thanks. You?

  13. Hello Sarah, my newest friend! How are you?

  14. Wow! A "I hate school - let's do it together!" club! This is perfect for me, I hate school in sooo many levels...
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