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  1. aw i see...i'm not addicted to Muse but i think they are very good...and it's awesome you won M&G,fantastic! :D i guess it was wonderful? :original:

    i'm also fine. vacations started month ago,so i feel really relaxed and in a good mood :original:

    i'm listening Mika atm and (again) I miss those days :wub2: he is still adorable :teehee:

  2. heeey! yeah, I miss those days as well! :wub2: But I totally understand that, lately I'm also not that up-to-date with Mika :s I'm completely Muse-addicted these days (I won a meet and greet with them last December :wub2: I'm fine, and you? Kisses!

  3. :) good. Well,i think its definitely healthy then :D i used to be in luw with mika,so unhealthy xD :)
  4. Ok, I'll check the thread out ;)

    Well, my love for MIKA is the same as ever, not too much, not too little. In the end, it's a healthy fangirling lifestyle :D

  5. hahaha,really? :) you should join some threads like 'fourplets' (im not sure if it exists anymore) and meet some interesting people ^^ well,i literary come here just to check if some friend sent me sth. I dont even chech whats new o.O i still like Mika,maybe even love,but not as much as i used to. Dunno why. What about you? :)

  6. We haven't, I believe :) I'm here since May, if I'm right, but I don't do much besides wishing people happy birthday.

    So, how does it feel being back here? :)

  7. ok. ^^ btw i dont think we met b4 on mfc,have we? You are kinda new,right? :)i havent been here 4 ages O.o :)

  8. thank you ,months later :)

  9. heeeeey! So glad hearing from you :) i miss that days too,it was so fun. :) unfortunately i almost forgot about mfc and even Mika.thats weird.i tho thats never gonna happen xD HOW R U?? Whats up?? Big kiss

  10. hey! How are you? I hope you're doing fine! I miss the 'good old days' talking with you and Keti! :wub2: But I did not forget you. Hugs! xx

  11. aaaaa to li je :D ja nisam htjela da dosadjujem pa nisam pisala...rako' javices se kad nadjes vremena..cim dopunim rcn javim se :****

    ja sam dobro...ucim imam sad neki ispit ''djao ga ponio'' :D al ajde,neka ga.. osim togA nishta posebno,malo po gradu,plazha dosadna i tako...

    prodje mi ovo ljeto za chas,bash sam smorena zbog toga ... ali eto,idem u BG bar na par dana negdje pocetkom sept...pa ako uspijem iskombinovat nekako da se vidimo,javicu ti..a voljela bih zaista :wub2: :wub2: ..nego ne idem sama ..pa ne znam dal cu moc :aah:

    a kako si mi ti?? bice u frci oko faxa , m?

    shta radish ovo ljeto,jel ti fino? :D

    ljubim :**********

  12. Jaao Dani koliko se nismo čule, meni je fon bio otišo u tri lepe, svi brojevi mi se obrisali,aj mi pošalji koju poruku sa svojim brojem da ga ubeležim, kako si,šta radiš,šta ima kod tebe? nedostaješ i ti meni jako,i volela bih da se vidimo /emoticons/default_huglove67.gif" alt=":huglove:" />

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