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  1. Happy birthday!!! :yay:

  2. hiya wot u bin up 2?

  3. exerlant!!!! brownmies love the italy nite we did. sorting wot we doin may and june. i hav my own house now and a boyfriend take care

  4. Hey! How are you?

    I'm now in "wolfs"'s staff, which is like "ladybirds". It is completely a new experience as it's my first time I'm part of the staff and not in my usual scout grupo, as I move to Florence where I'm studying. I really enjoy it! Probabibly I'm going to Madrid this summer, for the World Youth Day with my scout group.

    Bye Jo, :bye:

    take care

  5. hiya long time no see

    im in brownies now and we doin about ladybirds and little wolfs (girl guides) wot u bin doin?

  6. toy girl mika. im havin the blanket in ur pic:blush-anim-cl:
  7. nah 3 One to hang on it, and another two to stare while wondering wether to call Mrs. P or not!
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