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  1. Argh. Mother Nature and our TV station are giving me crappy birthday presents. First we have four inches of heavy wet snow, all the tree limbs and power lines are hanging down really low, and we lost power once. Then our TV channels have been frozen for almost two hours. A few minutes ago I heard a thud and sure enough it appears that our huge beautiful lilac bush has broken from the pressure of the snow. I absolutely love picking lilacs and putting them in a vase on the table. I've been waiting for that bush to bud and flower for so long so I could photograph it too! I hope part of it survived. If it wasn't 2:30am and if I wasn't afraid that the power would go out again I'd run outside to check it out.
  2. Sooo how much longer until you're 30? I suppose you're not too old for us to be friends......................... yet. :pinkbow::teehee:



  3. They're there to protect the photographers hard work so no one can use them say in a magazine etc. without permission or get credit for them. These ones don't bother me like most do though. I think that they have the perfect watermark. It's subtle yet still there. I like it because it doesn't scream "I'M A GAUDY WATERMARK" at your face. I'm still trying to create the perfect watermark like that for my photos!
  4. No prob! I tweeted them and got a reply. "We LOVE Mika!! And yeah, that song is AWESOME." I think the store is pretty popular. I LOVE their merchandise and want to go there someday. They have some cute knickknacks. If I remember correctly I think they've mentioned Mika is their blog a couple of times and there's also a couple guys that work there that are fans.
  5. She'll probably keep it and then become BFFs with Amy. :naughty:




    Yeah, I don't watch TV much, but I try and watch every episode of "Secret Life." Gotta shower now. Toodles, thanks for the update :bye::huglove:

  6. I wouldn't either. She even admitted she wouldn't want to have a kid and be like Amy. I know she said she'd want to terminate it, but I think if she really is pregnant she'll either have a change of heart and keep it or put it up for adoption.


    When I searched to see if anyone else watched the show I saw you said it was your guilty pleasure. It's definitely mine. :teehee: Just got to wait until June! I suppose that gives me time to catch up on Gossip Girl. :naughty:

  7. A store in Greenpoint Brooklyn NY, that I really wanted to work at but didn't happen, tweeted about Mika and Kick Ass and put him on their blog! http://www1.fredflare.com/blog/?p=5472 Guess there's a Mika fan there!
  8. God, I would not want to be her child. :lol3:



    Hell yeah I'll be watching :teehee:

  9. Tell me how you really feel. :lmfao:


    She just needs to learn that when problems arise between people you don't go out and sleep with their boyfriends/ex-boyfriends. :doh: I wonder if her luck has finally run out and she has to pay the consequences.


    Will you be watching next season?

  10. Yeah, I don't see what else could be the big secret :dunno:



    Adrian's a dumb slut :rolls_eyes:

  11. I have no idea! I was thinking the same thing before but now I'm just confused. I feel like she is pregnant but on the other hand I could see them picking up the next episode where they left off and she quietly tells them and has a big sigh of relief.


    It just makes me wonder though because if she isn't pregnant then what's this secret that rips them all apart and what drama do they have to keep the next season going since Amy's already had the baby and the short custody tiff is over. :dunno: And honestly.... how many times is Adrian going to do it and not pay any consequences? :blink:

  12. Oh, okay I thought so. But it seems like she wouldn't be pregnant because that's what the audience will think she is... :dunno:

  13. Okay I'm not sure if this all happened in the second to last episode or not...


    Amy thought she was a bad kisser because Jimmy didn't call her back. She was upset and Ricky saw and was going to go to her house that night and got her to kiss him. When he told her to close her eyes Ashley happened to walk by the room and saw Amy and Ricky holding each other. After she left Ricky kissed her anyway because I think he knew that if he didn't it'd still get out that he did.


    Word got out and made it back to Adrian. She got mad and wanted to get back at Amy and found Ben sitting outside of Amy's house in his car because he had wanted to talk to Amy. They hooked up, the condom broke, and she's late.


    So that's why you see them inside during the end of the finale. She told him at the wedding, took a test, and got the results. I think she's pregnant because if she wasn't I think she would have been jumping up and down and screaming but she was very quiet. :aah:

  14. Well I missed last week's episode, too. Yes, please catch me up. :naughty:

  15. Oh my gosh you really want me to tell you?! :naughty: OH wait.... how many episodes are you behind because I can quickly catch you up. It's a pretty big cliff hanger.

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