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  1. Here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AsUKIuFW58
  2. Got 2 copies from Amazon yesterday. All I can say is "BRAVO, BRAVO,BRAVO"! Listened all last night and couldn't wait to put the disc in my car to listen to it this morning. Off to order a 3rd copy for myself (so I can have it wherever I go) and copies for family and friends. It is THAT good!
  3. Don't know if this was already posted. New video from Mika himself on his 25th birthday. Cute. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rl0FwQx4zdU&sdig=1
  4. Oh, thanks! I have known about that forever---even saw him perform it live in Philly! Duh! I thought there was another one I missed. Thanks for clearing that up!
  5. What is this other new song HMDYLM that people are talking about? I can't believe I missed it. Can someone provide a link? More about Rain--I am glad that Mika does not seem to care if he makes it big in the US, because I don't think Rain (for one) will bring in many fans. Not that it is not radio-friendly (which it isn't)----cause the new ColdPlay album does not have many radio-friendly songs on it, and it is going like wildfire here in the US. It is just that Rain sounds to me....like off or something...I can't explain it.
  6. I am glad you posted this--it sounds better. The first videos of this were actually painful to my ears when he went into his falsetto and I had to turn it off. On this one, I can hear that there is a lot of beauty to the song but that falsetto part still.....oh well....just my opinion.
  7. And the funny thing is, I didn't even question this when I read it, just assumed it was the real name. I was even going to ask my nephew if he ever heard of them.
  8. Thanks, Greta, for the article and for your translation. Looks like hard work! Things are looking good in the US!! On Amazon.com US, Viva la Vida is still holding as #1 sold album. ALSO, ALL their previous 3 studio albums are NOW in the top #100 on Amazon. I think Viva is bringing in a lot of new fans who are anxious to hear some of their earlier stuff.
  9. Where have I been??!!! I just found this! Before I read through all your comments I just have to say, YIPEE! He's BAAAACK! And he looks great!
  10. Thanks!! I forgot about them being on, and only caught the tail end of 24. My first time seeing them perform (I am a new fan)--- Chris has TONS of charisma and really connects with the audience, doesn't he? Love the way he moves, too! So, since Friday, I have bought Spin magazine, ordered Parachute and A Rush of Blood to the Head. Getting obsessed maybe? Not really. I just need kind of a "semi-obsession" until Mika starts coming round again. Another tall, lanky, curly hair, piano-playing Brit. Do I see a pattern here?
  11. Check him out in his younger years. Now THIS was hot!
  12. Yes, I said the same thing! Their new CD is fabulous and over the top! Made me go from "okay" to real fan-dom!
  13. Oh, to be 15 again!!!! lol As much as we all love Mika, I agree with your mom (sad to say). Gotta take care of numero uno (You!) first. And just think--when you get to finally see Mika in the US, you will be looking all cute with your shiny white veneers. I wish I could get them!
  14. New FAN HERE! I was always so-so about Coldplay but picked up their new CD, Vida La Viva, and WOW! Complex music, not easily-accessible--the kind that I want to play over and over again. Chris Martin ain't bad looking either (lucky Gwenyth). Genius and good looks tied up in one, I like that kinda guy.
  15. Damn!!!! I was very happy in my "Gee, I am not really not all that fangirly anymore" stage, then I see that smile and I
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