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  1. well guys.. I have the amazing Mika To-Fu doll, for SALE! If.. You WOULD like to know more please PM me :3 I'm sure one of you would want it! After all this IS, Mika Fan Club;) haha Thanks!<3 -Vic:mikadas:
  2. Dear Mika, whats up?? i luv ur music and will u just please come to FLORIDA or some where in the USA so i can see u this summer? i saw u at the rock werchter festival in werchter belgium like 2yrs ago and u were great darling. so please come to the states love. truly yours, Victoria.
  3. Hey, everybody I havent been on the MFC for a while like 6 or 7 months and I only remember some things we all talked about, I've missed u guys and Mika and now I would like to start another 'Would u rather' kk? soooo I'll start..... Would u rather.... marry Mika or be his gf/bf? lol.
  4. ALMOST as gorgeous as Mika........Mika is hottttt I luv him he's hotter than pattinson sorry gals!! lol

  5. Erm, go to Social Groups then look for the I love Edward Cullen group from Twilight" then click on it then join it okay? please do so!!
  6. OMG, SORRY, ERM.... I live in Florida and I wanna go but where is the Quest resort thingy in Orlando Kissimmee???? gimmee the exact address okay? thanx!! if you don't mind I will bring 3 friends along please?? the more the merrier:naughty: were having a slumber party oh how fun!!
  7. You know the social groups well I made a group called the I love Edward Cullen group, it would be very nice of you guys if you would join it to make me happy at least?!! PLEASE:wink2:! I need more people, come on people who love Edward need to join even if there is another group like it please do so ! Thanx 4 ur time!! -Victoria(I've missed you guys I haven't been in touch a while Sorry luv u guys and Mika, lol)- (do you like my sig? yeah I know u do!
  8. YES HE IS GORGEOUS NO DOUBT! I love Edward (Robert Pattinson) soooooooo lovely like Mika!! sooo waz up? everyone waz up?

  9. Sure!

    Wow, I love all your pictures of Robert Pattinson :drool: He's so gorgeous (almost as gorgeous as Mika!)

  10. Were officially friends then okay? lol! what's up?

  11. I'm bored what's up guys?

  12. Wanna be friends? lol! hi! bye! xD

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