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  1. Yay!! Can't wait to see you again, luv. Mika is just an excuse
  2. Well thank you!!! So nice to see you around again too Hoprfully we'll meet again for sure
  3. Allegra, my hero!! I wish we could meet again, gig or no gig, it's been much too long You cannot imagine how happy you have made me with this post: a familiar, very dear face amongst all these new people I still don't know THANK YOU
  4. Soooooo...... Here's my first post on this forums in about four years. Seems like forever. Just wanted to let my buddy FREDDIESDOUBLE know I am here, yay! Can't wait to meet you again, Mr, but you already know that Looking forward to meeting all you lovely people!!
  5. Mwaaahahahahahaha, ok, ok, I won't!!! Thanks Christine! Awwwwww, Ingie!!! You're all making me cry, people!!!!
  6. Not exactly a review, sorry, mods, delete this if you think it's not the right place to post it. Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everybody. You made me feel so welcomed and so loved. It's great to be back in Mikaland:wub2:
  7. *Sale de su agujero* Espero que todos estéis bien, de vez en cuando sienta bien volver al hogar:naughty: *Vuelve a su agujero*
  8. blackqueen q tall muxas grasias por too

  9. Hola BlackQueen! Te acordas de mi? Veo que todavia posteas :) yo hace muchisimo que no. Has vuelo a ver a Mika?





  10. Ohhhhh I doooo like a hug on my wall!!!!!!


    Cant wait to see you , bring me RL!!!!

  11. eeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk LOL!!!!!! haha , yes I have a week off sooon! cant wait! xx

  12. So that post on YOUR wall was for me? LOL. Ok, why was I in your thoughts last night, do I need to worry? :lmfao: It's a lovely not-so-hot day here as well, but I'm soooo tired! I need hols NOW :naughty: xxxxx

  13. Afternoon!!!! I'm doing some paper work today (that is, trying to do it, that's why I'm online, lol). How's you, luv? xxxxxxxx

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