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  1. talk soon! You know I keep coming back like a bad smell
  2. hahahaha neither am I
  3. That looks huge! Maybe you need to buy a hammock first lol So, there's a room for me to crash in one day right?
  4. Hello dear! How you going?
  5. Happy Birthday Teegs!
  6. Hellooooooo beautiful people!! What up?!
  7. *huggles* Like this? Gimme a vein. That's good. I kinda thought it should feel safer with more about, but eerie perhaps. Hope you all had a great catch up. Xx
  8. I can report that mother Kelzy Melzy is in her hotel safe. She said she was planning on going to madame tussauds today but since she's in London solo and nervous she has decided to stay in her hotel bar, and drink Silver, are you ok? You need some rum too?
  9. LONDON Hope you're all safe. Mother Kelzy is over there too atm, in Kensington. Will be checking in regularly. Thinking of you all.
  10. Omg how cute are they?!!! I might want one now! Dont tell the cats
  11. RippedT off. Didn't Tourus™
  12. Probably not lol! Unless we ordered pizza? aww msn and same to you Teegs!!! If I could be there I would, but funnily enough, mother kelzy is in London right now. And...That would require effort.
  13. What... this one?
  14. Lock up your..... everything's. Happy Mikaversary!!!! I knew you'd finally get here once Mike was here.
  15. Unless she's sneaky2ing Hiba, don't do it Oh no... meow. Enjoy your dinner. I'm doing the same... But first.. *throws MIKE into the thread and RUNS............*