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  1. I felt the same way. It's an empowering song, just like Switzerland's "boys do cry", Armenia "Snap", Azerbaijan "Fade to black" as well. Beautiful messages, and they are all nice tunes but if we're talking Eurovision's style and the overall vibe of the night/s all were still lacking visually and melodically were too melancholy. Some entries do too much. And others, too little. We were doing too little. Also I feel Australia has to go through the few years of building a repertoire and stronger comradery. We're are island. We always have to bridge our distances. But when the entire room gave us the love for being there (2 people votes) that really was better than winning. And, yes they should. Still laughing at the poker face moment. Serbia 🤣🤣💦🤲
  2. Congrats to the UK for coming in 2nd. We all THORt he 🔨 NAILED that performance. And Mika was 200% made for Eurovision, every Aussie I've spoken to this weekend has said the same. Charismatic and Fun. I'm off to give a wolf* a banana*. *cat *cucumber
  3. You know I only come here to stir you up. 😏
  4. I bought a smart light the other day. Tonight I was playing with the colour options when I noticed.... And upon closer inspection: Mike strikes again.
  5. Good to hear! Happy new year! I'm still looking after my mob. Still managing not to get covid, (not that it's easy to be tested here atm.) We have summer here, kind of. Like vampires wandering out and staring at a cardboard cut out of the sun. Strange world these days. Strange days indeed... Sending smooshy hugs.
  6. *pokes cake* It's still moist. Thank you Silver How you doin'?
  7. I didn't meet mama P but she was definitely legendary, and will be sadly missed. I'm glad you're getting the jab. Fingers crossed things improve over there soon. Have you hit the point where you're knitting jackets for the llamas yet? And happy birthday biance 💙
  8. I've done the 2 metre aisle dance over here 😂 Had some trouble getting cat food this week, 3 stores later and they have a variety now. And they seem to want more feeds cos they know there are more feeds in the pantry. Denied. Having to go to other stores for the basics is pissing me off. I'm a self isolator at this time of year (and November) anyway, because Crohn's, but also humans are feral. 🤷 I got a cold last year when a friend invited me over to her place, and only when I noticed she sounded sick did she admit she had a cold. SNEAKY2 And that cold turned into an epic flu thang after U2 And I took a load of cold and flu tablets to Sydney in case Teegs or Zoe got it from me. "Who wants some Sudafed? Nurofen? Panadol?" So I'm really not trusting anyone atm. But I'm brushing up on my Spanish. [/Rant]
  9. Ok too, we're stage 3, so not completely locked down yet, but they should do it soon. How are you passing the time? 💚
  10. Just dropping by to say I hope everyone is doing well and keeping healthy. 💚
  11. It's also raining atm where I live, and 11c/51f. *dramatic confusion*
  12. Hows the air around you, Teegs? Anyone hoping or praying or whatever you do that we get rain, thank you, we got some.. but keep going, we just need a couple 100 mm more everywhere.
  13. Just passing this on regarding HK, they have just evacuated to a safer location. My fingers are also crossed that today isn't worse.
  14. Too damn close Teegs 😳 Hope it doesn't get any closer 💜
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