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  1. Hearing him talk was the best, it was mainly talking during lollipop (which I posted), but the way he talked about Dear Jealousy, and the process of reconciliation with the Aussies, really touched us. A lot of vegemite references too It felt as if he had never left, such an intimate show ❤️
  2. I loved this moment! Also it took the crowd ages to shut up before his acapella thing, but I loved it and he did too - he loved the warm reception and the endless cheering for him and he was so touched, it was such a beautiful moment. The energy was so divine and seeing him react to it was so precious. And when he finally did open his mouth to sing one note, the crowd erupted again
  3. I don't know if lollipop was uploaded, but everyone needs to see this, IT IS BEAUTIFUL https://drive.google.com/open?id=12_LRE1Wle5MyuDrHS9YxC3VE65MLBIAC
  4. omg i never knew a thread for her existed!! She is AMAZING, her melodies and song writing is soo good
  5. I'm trying to change the whole writing, and remove those emojis
  6. Enmore was the most amazing experience Queued early and got front row, and met the most amazing people while lining up!! And me and @Mika Cherry made love hearts fan action, and he even held our heart and played with it. The crowd's energy was amazing and he was taking it all in, and he smiled SO much, he was super happy to be here! And he promised us he would be back soon! I already can't wait for the next gig He is so perfect aah
  7. i removed smileys yet I still get this error 😕
  8. Hi Nat, welcome!! You attended Enmore right? I'm so happy we got to experience this moment ❤️
  9. Hey I get an error when trying to change my signature (I would like to change it since I saw him and it seems like he wants to return to Australia soon :3 )
  10. I'll write a proper report tomorrow since I'm exhausted (in a happy way) - it was the best night of my life ❤️ mfc reposted my vids on instagram!
  11. Happy birthday, my dear :huglove: :yay:

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      love youu

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