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  1. hiii i’m looking for pics of the winged heart. I think it was on his pianos during Stasera Casa Mika? or some show during 2016 era but I can’t recall
  2. So happy for the korean fans!! And I can’t wait to go to Korea and my close friend (who I met here on MFC and travelled to london with) will show me around
  3. I’m glad to be here That is good to know I hope I can make amazing memories there too. And Korean fans seem to have the best energy See you soon!!!
  4. anyeong! aussie fan here do you think he will go to Korea since he's going to Japan? my best friend is in Korea so if he goes there, I will go, and she will show me around fingers crossed
  5. I cant put into words just how perfect the concert was. It felt like the bestest and shortest two hours - already feeling post Mika blues. I managed to get to the front row and Witnessing Mika in his full element in his hometown was such an honour and I’m so happy I made the trip from down under. Meeting new friends, the MFC party, meeting my online friend in person after 6 years of friendship (who I met on MFC), and exploring London with her. It’s been surreal. Sadly couldn’t get him to sign my mika lollipop light stick which I was planning to get tattoo’d as he had to leave fairly quickly - so hopefully I can get it when he visits Australia again.
  6. I am going along with @Thank u Mika and I paid the cost on behalf of both of us
  7. I reckon "pay as you go" too. My other MFC friend and I have dietary requirements so it might suit us more. But either way, we will join since it will be amazing to meet you all
  8. Just booked air bnb accomodation!! Seems like a lot of accomodation is booked but luckily found a few deals at this time. I'm going to be staying with my korean friend that I met here on the MFC So excited!
  9. Yess thank you so much for this!!! Looking forward to the Origin onee
  10. Can't stop dreaming about the concertt Fingers crossed the situation gets under control so that international flights go ahead as planned
  11. Bought tickets so I'm hopefully joining! Would love to come on the boat trip and meet you all :wub:
  12. Not this one. I remember in the beginning of the interview, there was a teacher who mentioned that she took leave to watch Mika talk. I wish I had more details sorry. But thanks for showing this too I loved these
  13. Hi, I'm looking for this audio interview Mika did back in 2016 when he was in Korea. It was on a radio station, and people were gathered around while he spoke. He talked about NPIH and his love for Queen. I can't remember the details sorry, but does anyone know where I can find this again?
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