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  1. literally still can't believe mika is coming here lol, feels unreal omg edit: i should change my signature now ūüėõ
  2. Hugs and kisses cos of the happiness of having you back!!! :huglove: 

    1. Sonelle


      you’re an angel :huglove: 

    2. Starlight
  3. Hi Sona

    I'm so sorry if I hurt you

    I really hope you can forgive me

    I'm just so worried, I hope that you are alright

    I miss you so much, It's driving me crazy to have no abswer

    I just hope that you are okay

    Please, please answer me

    I'm so desperate

    I love you Sona, never forget this

  4. i'm back, who remembers me? mika is so adorable and I couldn't stay away

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    2. crazyaboutmika


      Proof that Mika is adorable #cutenessoverload :wub2: #icouldwatchthisalldaylong :swoon: 

    3. Sonelle



    4. crazyaboutmika


      @Sonelle yes jcdnklffnovzssi Mika :swoon: So glad you're back :snog: 

  5. okay i failed at uploading that gif..
  6. *searches V* and oh gosh how did I never know of it?? I am always under one rock or the other ahahhahaha it looks glorious Lilo and Stitch is sooo cute and generally awesome YAS Oh I have read many pages of old Aussie threads and seems like you are so right I do feel like each year, I feel more inclined towards the dark side You guys are such a cool crazy bunch, I wish there were more Aus fans like in those days because the old thread pages are so wonderfully weird XD (random update) THEY PLAYED RELAX IN WOOLIES BUT THE SONG ENDED JUST AS I WALKED IN
  7. wtf is channel V HAHHA but omg RAGE played him? That makes me so happy!!! LILO AND STITCH AWWWW! I am only gonna accept that hose down because I love Lilo and Stitch I love Bruno omg! I used to be a hardcore fangirl for him (his Yellow album was bomb) I still love him buuut..mika XD HAHHAHAHAHA Kelzy don't say that! Although most likely in November 2019 if Mika hasn't yet come, I will be mouthing more profanities than words of endearment at him perhaps
  8. Hose me down? Look at yourself first OMG HAHAHAHHA YES! True, if only he toured us more! Big Girl was played in Target too! And hear this shocker- UNDERWATER?! In woolies! Woolies is doing something right OMG THANK YOU FOR THAT (hopefully legit) STATISTIC DJSKDSADKASKA
  9. HAHAHHA I think your mysterious force theory can only explain my discovery of Mika.. *flashback* sitting alone, thinking "hmm who was that singer who coming to think of it, sings so freaking well and has alluring af eyes" Australian TV loved Popular Song I suppose *shock* Woolworths seems to love playing his older hits! OMG YES MEETING EACH OTHER DJFDSKJFS Lets hope for next year when his ALBUM is out !
  10. This is such a sweet story!! And what you wrote about Mika, really touched my heart He really is nothing short of a musical genius And to read the way in which Mika has enveloped you and your wife, and brought back joy and memories and feelings to you both- is truly so warming, THANK YOU FOR THE LOVELY INTRO AND WELCOME
  11. OMG KELZY I'm relatively new and I remember when I'd stalk the old threads (I still do ) and ur posts are so prominent I wonder why Nah but really, IM SO HAPPY TO SEE U HERE AHAHHA its crazy to think I found Mika despite the times and uhm geographic location but I'm so glad I did so! bloody bonkers the petitions, I supppoooose you're right huh, but hey, we always do have that veeeery teensy bit of hope for Mika even after all these years

  13. You described it so well Anne! EVERYTHING I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY WITH