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  1. Well, we're all coming out of the woodwork now, aren't we? *waves at Ally, Blue Sky and OKD* It's nice to know you guys are still around (and getting married, and buying toys and...breeding algae? Oh and maybe getting engaged too). Someone remind me who Zac is, please. I have a feeling it's someone I know by a different name, yes? I thought I read, in an email, that Mika's CD has been released in Australia now? I wanted to read about people's opinions of it before I look at getting it. The couple of tracks I've heard of the album so far aren't doing anything for me, but there might be other brilliance on there that I need to hear so...
  2. More recently (and by that I mean the last time I was kinda sorta watching a bit of tv, which I haven't done for years), he was seen in Burn Notice. Not a show I watched a lot of or even liked all that much, but he was a breath of fresh air in it.
  3. Hi Sonelle, I'm chickadee and very much an intermittent visitor to the Aussie thread although this used to be my second home, years ago. Welcome. Have fun, won't you? I went to call you 'Miss Teegs', but you haven't been a Miss for quite some time now. It's a bit sucky that your hubby can't be there also, but it's nice to go and do something without them every now and then. At least, after 19 years of marriage it is! Who will have Jnr in your absence? Sacrilege! I can't believe you don't know who... Wait... The pink glasses. Hmm... Mayhaps I don't believe you at all. Then again, this is Silver... Now I don't know what to believe. Curse you, Silver, for taking advantage of the ambiguity of the pink sarcasm glasses.
  4. I was wrong. Listening to it again, they're singing by the third bar. By the second bar it is already overwhelmingly obvious what it is, for a fan. It still sounds brilliant to me and again I was so caught up in all the harmonies and everything that I didn't hear the changed lyrics, although I was trying to pay attention to them. I think it's going to take repeat exposure for me to get them. And by repeat exposure, I mean by the time I've worked out all the harmonies. I started singing in a quartet a couple of months ago, so I'm just glorying in all this close harmony work.
  5. I loved the original Pitch Perfect. I was supposed to go see the second one tonight with some friends but we've had to postpone until Monday night. So, hubby picked up the soundtrack for me while he was out and about today. I didn't know Lollipop was on it. He put it on when he got home. I was trying to cook dinner, my kids were in the kitchen with me trying to put away some dishes. Lollipop came on and I knew it from about the third bar but didn't believe it until they started singing properly. My son reckons he's never heard me squeal so high or so loud before. I was beside myself with how excited I was. It sounds amazing. I'll need to hear it over again to pick up the lyric changes because I was squeeing too hard to pay strict attention (lol). I'm so pleased about this. Yeah, it's an older song, but with the new album coming out in the near future, this will help to have his name resonating around people's brains.
  6. You've done 'Sweet and Sour'? *tries to think of other things that go together* Ummm... 'Breads and Spreads'? LOL Is it always food based? What have you done in the past?
  7. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know I'm a couple of months late with it, but still. He's gorgeous! Those are some beautiful pics. Apparently I haven't been here for nearly a year. Go figure. Doesn't time fly? Hey, in three days, it's my seventh anniversary of joining this place. I find that kind of strange. For the first two years of that I was here so much that it felt like its own lifetime. The five years since then feel like they've gone by in the blink of an eye. And, even weirder, I don't feel like I've missed all that much on the Mika front. I mean, I feel like I've caught up with the most important headlines (occasionally I'll come and check the news, even if I don't post) and, since he's not come to Australia, it's OK that I've missed a lot of the minutiae. Anyway, hello Teegs, hello Silver, and anyone else who's a thread regular now that I don't know about.
  8. OK, so what the frick is with the quiff? I've just been looking at a little bit of the thread about Mika on X Factor Italy and he's running round looking like a prettier version of Nick Grimshaw. I'm a bit nonplussed. I get enough quiffiness from the 1D boys. What happened to curls? (And if someone could have a word with Harry about this very same topic, I'd be much obliged. Curls, yes. Quiff, no.)
  9. Please, is there another thread with more of the information about the lecture? I had a bit of a hunt but couldn't find it. (And if it's somewhere really obvious, please forgive me. I'm old now, and practically blind and a bit senile. )
  10. I'm loving your story in daily pics there, Silver, and I'm sorry that this message will break it up, but just pretend nothing happened and you didn't see anything. Knock me over with a feather to see that other long missing folks have been here! Ally, Kelz, Tan, and, and... bugger! I've completely forgotten racinghorse's name! How sad is that? I'm gonna wave anyway. I did say congrats on FB in a much more timely fashion, but CONGRATS TEEGS!! Whatcha all up to? I got drawn back here again because of the speech Mika gave to those marketing students. Interesting to hear him talk about his early years from the position he's in now. Now I need to go find the thread about it and see what y'all are saying.
  11. Ta, muchly. And so fast! I wasn't expecting a reply so quickly.
  12. Hi there! I cannot even begin to imagine a Mika and 1D collab.
  13. Link, please?? I wish this was like tumblr. I want to LIKE and reblog! Actually, I did reblog the pics in the previous post that were from a tumblr page, so thanks for the link to those ones.
  14. Ha! Oh, whoops, sorry, did I say that? Ah, see, I only ever knew Jolene as coming from WA because she lives(d?) not too far from my parents when I first joined MFC.
  15. Wow, that's so cool! Yeah, I'm late to the Ed Sheeran party. I remember hearing Lego House on the radio last year and I didn't like it. I can't believe I didn't like it!! Because I didn't like it, I didn't pay any attention to who it was by. Anyway, I remember one of my friends went and saw him play earlier this year and she really raved about him. I was mildly curious. Then, one day, trawling the net about something unrelated, I found an article about him, talking about The A Team. Something piqued my curiosity. I went to youtube, watched the clip and nearly died. OMG! The song spoke volumes to me and I needed to know more about this guy. Fast forward a few months and I'd definitely call myself a fan. I admire his voice, I admire his guitar playing, but I think the thing I admire most is his songwriting. In that way, he reminds me of Mika on LICM. In nearly every other respect, he in NO way reminds me of Mika, lol.
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