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  1. Will someone please tell me why the time for this event on the calendar is 2 pm? is that when people usually meet up before gig? Please fill me in
  2. Population is another big factor too, you're right. The music scene will be more diverse. Miami would be a great spot for a show, I would of considered going there too. Again, big gay community and diverse music scene. Anyway, got my ticket! My first gig..
  3. It really seems that shows here were an afterthought, and that's maybe why a show in Chicago didn't work out. Understandably, as not many people here listen to Mika. I think honestly its mostly the gay community who are Mika fans and they are very prominent in NYC, LA and SF so those gigs make a lot of sense to me. Whenever I go to a gay bar, they always play a Mika song... even then, its usually LICM era.
  4. I had a friend who went to one of these shows, and although she enjoyed it a lot she felt like she was missing the whole experience since it was only an acoustic set. It's understandable when you're seeing an acoustic set from an artist that has a primary pop/produced sound. I had this feeling when I saw an acoustic show of Marina (and the Diamonds) a day before I went to her fully-fledged concert, it's just kind of missing a bit of something.. not that it has it's own interesting flair to it. It's just that you know what you're missing.
  5. It's an odd one. I don't think the ticket prices are affected that much and its just a way to boost the "sales" of the album by making them cheaper and people are more likely to claim it when its bundled with a concert ticket. I think its a practice that started due to the rise of music streaming services, like Spotify, people are less likely to actually buy an album. I'm just speculating though, I don't have that much insight into the music business today but I know from taking a history class on it that this would be pretty likely. I know right? I'm just lucky that I don't have many classes this semester with in-classroom instruction and I have family I can bum with in the area. I think I can make it work.
  6. This has become a standard practice for tours promoting albums in recent years, I've gotten tickets to two different artists this year and each has come with their a physical or digital copy of the album. In other news, if you've been following my 9 year saga of never seeing Mika live; I think this is going to be it. I think I'm going to be able to go to the New York show. I'm going to buy a ticket and worry about the logistics later.
  7. That's what my mom told me I think that's what will end up happening anyway, but I'm just very excited to get her and worried about not being able to pick out a good name. A nice thing about the breeder is that he will give us updates on our pup and let us know what kind of personality she has too before we even get her, so I think that will help as well. But I definitely agree with you.
  8. My parents aren't into dogs either.. I grew up with cats and my parents have cats even now, but they were always more attached to my parents because that'd who would feed them the most... But I've been lucky to have pretty nice and affectionate cats as pets. I hope you can get a dog in the future, too! But they are a lot of work so it's understandable. I love Golden Retrievers too, just talk about a type of dog that will always put a smile on your face. I had a teacher who had a very big Golden that he would bring to class when I was in high school. He was an old dog so he was so relaxed, and had a bed in the class where he would sleep! Sometimes I would walk him for my teacher and it was more like the dog would walk me because he was almost 100 lbs! (a VERY big Golden, he must of been a mix but I don't know what). We live in an apartment so they are too big of a dog for us right now. They also really need a yard to run around and lots of space, they are very active! It would be such a cute name! I keep leaning towards names of singers I like too that I think would be a good dog name; like Stevie Nicks, Dolly Parton or Judy Garland. Her full name would be like "Stevie Nicks" but then I would just call her Stevie...
  9. I'm so excited to say that after years of wanting a dog that soon my boyfriend and I will be getting a French Spaniel puppy. I have never had a dog before so I'm incredibly happy to have a animal that is truly my own. I've thought of a few names (we are getting a girl) and my boyfriend didn't oppose to Mika as an option LOL, but let's see.
  10. So, this has always been on the back of my mind. I don't particularly like the fact that Love You When I'm Drunk is at the beginning of every single vlog of the Youtuber David Dobrik. If you aren't aware, here is one of his vlogs to show you. You don't have to watch very much, the intro will play and you will know what I'm talking about. He has had that intro for all of his vlogs, and he does not have to and never does (at least I haven't seen it) credit Mika for the song because of how short the clip is and that's how Youtube copyright works. I think that for how much he has used this clip (4 years of vlogs, uploading multiple times a week) in his videos, not mentioning Mika or having to pay royalties because of how copyright works on Youtube is lame. It's disappointing to a long time fan like me who got really excited when I first heard it, but I think there are a lot of people who don't think twice about the song because it is not listed in the description and it is difficult for them to find; which is not a good thing for Mika when a popular Youtuber like David Dobrik is constantly using his song. Let me know what you guys think, I'm interested.
  11. Hey there I would suggest talking about a personal story in a thread under General Chat, maybe a Member's Only thread so not just anyone on the internet can read it. This section of the forum is for things pertaining to MFC specifically so we can move a conversation like that elsewhere very easily! Just pick a thread, honestly. The Oldlings are very chatty, but that doesn't mean you can't post on any other thread and someone won't reply, lol.
  12. Typically, artists will announce one leg or part of a tour at a time. Right now Mika is about to announce his Europe part of his tour, but he will probably be going elsewhere too. So just stay tuned and be patient!
  13. I saw a date in Belgium on Facebook, Brussels to be exact. I believe all or most of the Italy dates have appeared on Facebook as well under Mika's events tab.
  14. This is a good point too... If you see a rumored date also check the official venue's website! Smart thinking
  15. There are also events already made by the concert venues on Facebook if you look up Mika then select the 'event' section. I can't really list them all now because I'm on my phone. There are a few in Switzerland, they have some of the France dates there and a couple more. I would expect more dates to pop up on Facebook at the day goes on.