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  1. cat_loves_mika

    Queeniac Club Part II

    He seems like a really good fit for the role, he's a great actor as well. I'm looking forward to the film too! I love biopics.
  2. cat_loves_mika

    Greetings from Michigan! (USA)

    Welcome you two! It's nice to meet others from the best state..
  3. cat_loves_mika

    Software Upgrade - Tech Support - 2018

    I saw the update before I saw this post... I thought that the original smileys were gone for a second and I was literally about to cry. I'm just being a little slow tonight...
  4. cat_loves_mika

    US American Thread Part VI

    @NancyM Aw, nice to meet you. You sound like a cool mom, I'm into it. I was just in the Detroit area for Easter, I had a lot of fun doing things I don't really get to do up here.. like shopping and eating good and cheap food.
  5. cat_loves_mika

    US American Thread Part VI

    Wow, that's awesome. I don't even heard about too many people here that I know that want to go to places like Mount Rushmore and Route 66. (Also, there's a lot of Americans who can't name all 50 states.. but that's a different story ) I really like the "Americana" of Route 66 too as well, but it's really sad compared to what it used to be. The areas of the route I've been to had so many abandoned shops and gas stations and hotels. Minneapolis is a cool place. I live a 5 hour drive from there in the upper peninsula of Michigan. As a Michigan girl, I'm going to have to insist you add Michigan to your travel list. It's the prettiest state and we have all these giant freshwater lakes that you just can't beat.
  6. cat_loves_mika

    US American Thread Part VI

    Wow, sounds like a lovely time! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Washington D.C is a very beautiful city, it's a great place to visit in the spring. Where else would you live to visit here? I'm curious..
  7. cat_loves_mika

    US American Thread Part VI

    Oh no! The roads are just getting clear here too... I really hope we don't get more snow. But, I know we will. Okay, I'll take comfort in you lurking on forums watching over us. But, feel free to talk to me if you're feeling not so shy. I'm not that scary.
  8. cat_loves_mika

    US American Thread Part VI

    Hey there You should yourself a proper introduction just like Eriko said up there in the section she linked so other people can find it easily and meet you too (don't be shy!) but I'm glad you found our little American corner of MFC. Welcome! I'm living the upper peninsula of Michigan currently, so I'm close to Minnesota. Nice to meet you, maybe I'll have someone on here to complain about snow to now. There's a few other Americans lurking around the forums here, another US representative like me and a few other members that come on pretty much daily. Others pop in from time to time but, as you know Mika isn't that popular here anymore (I was talking about this earlier, he probably is somewhat popular here with the gay community here. But, I have no clue for sure). There's a lot of other members on here from all over the Europe mostly, and they are a very friendly bunch! I'm Cat by the way. Let me know if you have any questions!
  9. cat_loves_mika

    What song are you listening to? (2017)

    I've been listening to the Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack a lot lately. They are beautifully put together folk songs, it gives me goosebumps whenever I listen to it. It's got bluegrass/folk icons of today like the Punch Brothers and Marcus Mumford and then Oscar Isaac, Justin Timberlake and Carey Mulligan doing great renditions of classic folk songs. I can't get enough. The movie is fantastic too.
  10. cat_loves_mika

    US American Thread Part VI

    Yes! That’s a beautiful area. I went to a different boarding school near there for high school, but we would go see the Intelochen kids perform a lot. They are insanely talented. The summer camp hosts a lot of talented kids too. Yes, no real winter for you. How sad. It’s good that you have so many interests though! I have a friend like that, she ended up having three degrees in completely unrelated things. Always wanting to learn is important, that’s what my grandpa taught me.
  11. cat_loves_mika

    US American Thread Part VI

    I'd love to visit Atlanta. I'm sure I'll make it there sometime after my move. Especially for concerts and such. Thanks! I love it there. I've been a few times because my parents moved there recently, and decided to moved there to be close to them. And there seems to be a lot of opportunities with school and employment there as well. Everything excites me about moving except for the weather. I've lived in Michigan all my live, so my boyfriend and I are gonna have a lot of adjusting to do in the summer heat and humidity. What are you studying in college?
  12. cat_loves_mika

    US American Thread Part VI

    Nice to see you made your way over here. Well, I'm moving to North Carolina soon. Charlotte, to be exact. So, that's practically in South Carolina. There used to be a few people from the south on here but they just kind of don't come on the forum anymore. It's a bummer.
  13. cat_loves_mika

    Say Something Random pt. 29 ~ Because why not

    Aww... I'm proud of you for giving it your best. You should be too! Its good experience for the future too. I'm glad it ended on such good terms.
  14. cat_loves_mika

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi Ronnie and welcome! I'm Cat and an American as well, so its nice to see you joining our community! I'm absolutely thrilled! Not to mention, you're around my age. So, don't hesitate to talk to me or ask any questions. I'm too chatty. Here is the thread where you can find other Americans, and maybe introduce yourself or talk about how we all want him to tour here soon very much. It's quiet but if you post other Americans will say hi, so don't be shy! - As well as a thread with other people (mostly girls, right now) our age just chatting about anything under the sun. Mika, too! We love making new friends so if you feel like it, you should join in the conversation about college stress and who's going to get the flu next. Hope to see you around!