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  1. Thehopp

    Hiya! ^^

    Hello there! My name is Kajsa, lives in sweden. I love Mikas music and Mika, of course. I was on his Stockholm consert.. But an accident happend then.. I was there with my freind and everything was great.. Until she said she wasen't feeling so well and she fainted in the middle of "any other world".. So I had to carry her out of the crowd and then we missed the rest of the consert. I was quite sad then, but I was glad that she was Ok! It is just to wait until he comes to sweden again! Anyway..! Glad to be a member here! ^^ // Kajsa
  2. I make my Mika Shirts myself.. But indeed, that shirt was adorable.
  3. The only thing they have in common is the hair..
  4. He looks so good in Pink X___X<3
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