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  1. Well now we are going back. The first time I listened to Mika. It was on radio one back in 2007. I even remember the date, 3 January. I was so wowed by his music I developed a massive crush on him!
  2. This is an interesting thread. I have had loads of crushes on several people in my time. They are mostly pop stars. The last one was of course Mika. But I have had another one since then. He's older than Mika though.
  3. Clare


    Wow! I'll let my friend know tonight. She'll jump up and down!
  4. Clare


    Was it the Bridgewater Hall? I've never been there.
  5. Clare


    Whereabouts in Manchester are they doing their gig.
  6. Clare


    Yeah I bet he was. Being in front of all those people would be a little daunting.
  7. Clare


    T'll tell my friend when we next speak. She would have loved to swap places with you, I'm sure.
  8. No not yet. I've been given a six week trial period to see how I get on. Then after that, I'll know for sure whether it is permanent.
  9. Clare


    I know my friend would love to meet Nate. She's mad about him.
  10. I've listened to it twice today. It's brilliant isn't it?
  11. Clare


    Ah I've just spotted this thread. My friend is totally mad about this group. She talks about them non-stop. I just thought I'd say a quick hello
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