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  1. Arigato gozaimas!! And thanks to everyone else who posted vids/pics/info about Mika in Morocco
  2. Coucou! C'est moi, le premier fan Marocain des Sacs en Plastique sur mikafanclub.com Alors, je veux dire que je suis tres heureuse de trouvais des autres fans Marocains dyal Mika dyalna!! Et mon reaction de trouves mon reve de Mika dans Maroc realise: Je m'excuse, mon francais est horrible. Grosses bises a tous et surtout a Mika
  3. Salaam Mlx! I haven't been here in years but I'm still a Mika-fan I am glad you liked my story, hahaha
  4. YAY, awesome!! CanĀ“t wait to hear what his impressions are I hope he read my story, whahahaha
  5. Did u guys hear that woman say: 'Ethnic influence, kind of Moroccan' So Morocco is the country that is immediately associated with 'ethnic' in her mind. She totally forgets Mika's American and Lebanese ethnic origin, supposing she knows that much about him. Whatever! Cause whenever Morocco is mentioned i go She clearly doesn't know what she's talking about, that's why they let her talk I, as a Dutch-Moroccan, think Mika looks beautiful! This is a beautiful outfit and besides, Mika can wear anything and look beautiful!
  6. Thanx for the link ! Yep, you're right, it's got a bit of the same style!
  7. Thank you Mika, for letting NORMAL people appear in your Big Girl MV! Your Big Girl MV and Outlandish' Aisha MV are probably the only mainstream MV's where you can see a woman wearing a hijab. You also like all sorts of music, right? Here's 'A land Called Paradise' for you and everyone on the MFC!
  8. Indeed, they should be thankful for the musical education that you're giving them
  9. Nah, they probably don't mind, it's free music
  10. That's the spirit Besides, the content of the dvd's is the same, it's just the packaging that differs. You'll Live In Cartoon Motion!
  11. Jippie!!! I hope you'll get the book-DVD (and not the other one)
  12. I must confess: yesterday after class I couldn't take it any longer and went straight to a cd/dvd-shop to buy Mika's DVD Mika is one of the few people who deserve to be called FANNAN (= 'artist' in Arabic) I haven't seen him performing, so that part was really amazing to me! He's such a perfectionist in everything he does, from the art-packaging to the high-notes Insha-Allah (= 'God willing' in Arabic) he'll keep on making music for himself and then put it out there for us all to hear!
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