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    Mika Stalker LOL.
  1. Yeah I'm not the only one who comes from England !!!!!!!

  2. You know your a Mika fan when... You come on the computer to do homework, but instead you end up on Mikasounds/Mikafanclub.com Yeah, this totally didn't come from experience >_>;;
  3. Gosh, I've done loads.. ICT - Do a leaflet on your hero Music - Make a A1 poster on your hero Music - Take a song from your favorite artist and change the lyrics to fit the subject of 'Summer' (I chose 'Relax take it Easy') Art - Draw a piece of art with a technique that is inspired by someone you know (I thought DaWack was perfect for this) Some more, but those are the main ones I guess..
  4. Yeah, same, don't want to be stuck at the back trying to get a good view D: Too long! I want it to be now! xD
  5. Radio (if that counts ) and usually shops, normally its Grace Kelly playing
  6. Woah, big internet battle That must have been stress-causing
  7. xD aww, well it'll be worth it in the end right
  8. Woah.. I was at school so my friends mum nicely bought the ticket for me along with my friends, that must have been hell o_o
  9. Got tickets! Woo can't wait to see him, first time seeing him in the flesh! Wanted to see him for ages Could anyone tell me if there's a chance we will see him after/before the show to get pictures, autographs.. etc? (I hope I worded that right)
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