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  1. congratulations !!!!!! zoo time ! bunny, hamster, monkeys ... now it's CATS time ! i want to laugh !!
  2. of course you can ! i'll take the one with strawberries anyway actually im looking for a picture for my avatar, but i don't want the ballooniac hare ! he's so white
  3. Ooh, you need some conditioner and good care of your hair, mika's wife !! don't use hair dryer and products too often !! they will damage your hair !
  4. holy poo poo this is the bunny ! ok
  5. :roftl: :roftl: i just want to laugh, sorry
  6. i swear i don't swear but i really want to !! what is that !!!!!! ballooniac hare ?! or a ginipig with a wig ? :roftl: :roftl:
  7. jeez, your lips are enough !! i mean this "<3" now you r calling yrself his wife !!! well, you can !! my facebook is intruded by horrible tiny applications and i haven't log on for around 1 month bit crap now, im in a group called am i the only one listen to Mika or sometyhing !! long time ago ! people don't talk there
  8. facial ??? lol so funny, reminds me of another girl's botox comment about kylie no, joking, he looked as if he'd cried before that but he is so cute with his hair and the teeth
  9. yeah, ringo looks cute and funny yeah, they are haha
  10. i think i can actually join the gym to cut off my lazy tummy but not chocolate and sweets
  11. it will be bubbly !! do you feel like a balloon, today? well, im ...... a bit but i don't feel like any drinkyz now, i want milky way so im about to leave, take care ballooniac ladies xx
  12. :roftl: :roftl: r u all doing well about the diet thing ? do you know a song called "candy" by Ash ? it's a remedy ! don't cut off chocos and candies from your diet but don't eat too much, i don't eat beef and pork btw:naughty:
  13. Ooooooohh, i don't know what they do what they are really up to !! i don't want to know ! all i know is they are not good looking ! not appealing ! at least to me ........ oh, nonono
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