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    thank mika!
  1. Hi :bye:

    Stopping by to say hello ...

    Me and another French fan were wondering if Mika ever got his jacket since the thread stopped a long time ago...

    I hope all is well with you , we miss you and Foalbaby14...but a lot of people who were here then are not anymore and new ones are here of course...See you :wink2:

  2. I'm baaccck! It's so weird visiting MFC again after soooo long!
  3. I know:sneaky2: I loove love loooove Tally! There's so much more to do here than Oviedo And so many new people to meet, and I'm busy all the time! (This is the first time in forever I've had time to post things in threads!)
  4. Awww I'm so glad to see the traveling bear is still going around the world! Ha I remember I got him about a year and a half ago! wow, he's a well traveled bear!
  5. yeah - I was looking for him in Best Buy too! :roftl: The stadium was AWESOME though - my gawd it was H U G E!!!

  6. :lol3:...Tim Tebow distracts just about all the girls there. I'm waiting for the day when they put a statue of him as their mascot :naughty:
  7. That is REALLY crazy to me . . . I really thought you were at UF . . . HEY FSU is wwwaayyyy better - I heard on the radio that the NUMBER 1 'party school' in AMERICA is University of Florida - that is wild!!! They beat out ALL the universities in the whole COUNTRY! Dumb asses! :teehee:

  8. It alllmmmoossst snowed up here, it was 36 degrees and a high chance of thunderstorms. I was literally sitting out my window staring for a while waiting for the snow It did snow in Pensacola though.
  9. :lmfao: Yeeeep....I am required to hate the Gators. It actually comes more naturally than I woulda thought :naughty:
  10. WHAT!!! Are you serious!!! And all this time I thought that you went to the University of Florida - and you go to Florida State!!! :shocked: WTF!



  11. Awww! haha too bad I'm in Tallahassee :lol3:

  12. Hey Laura!!! I was in Gainesville over the weekend - and I was looking for you everywhere! :roftl:

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