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  1. Happy Birthday d_birthday.gif

  2. i hate my first day at any job, soo awful cause you know everyone knows that your new
  3. ooo someone has a crush so you going to make a move?
  4. im alrite, tired and not feeling too grand but hey still gotta get through the days hows u?
  5. hey ckickeeetas hows tricks, so then whats to convo for tonight?
  6. oh im soo picky with my caffene skimmedmilk only, anything else i can taste the differrence, no chocolate but i like the foam..... no sugar either
  7. ooooh i looove cappuccinos...i get my boss deliver them to me when im at work...such a caffeene addict...hmm could do with one rite now
  8. i know i would love a summer or winter where the weather was actually what its suppsed to be.. like summer=sun winter = snow
  9. its brittish weather you just no no matter what season its going to be rainy
  10. its like a rubix cube no one can solve it
  11. yes!! ever walked out with an item of clothing inside out
  12. That top one is great, couldnt of timed that any better!!
  13. see Debbie us scots are all the same all about the toosh youve seen the pictures i have
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