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  1. And after show He came out to meet up,,, but inside gates. (security are)... it was just 5mins... couse some girls was so loud (I think so)... but of course maybe He just needed to relax..
  2. Photos on press.. 1. 2.
  3. And its over. It was really amazing to be in His show again.. I relised, that I love him like 9 years ago.. omg... im getting old.. Im His fan almoust 10 years..
  4. Im hoping to do both.. I already have a fan zone ticket in Riga... but for Zalgiris arena I dont have yet...
  5. Actually I know some MFCers who will be here.... and of course very much fans from Latvia... :yeey: Of course I ready to think about something about some action from fans... but I need someone to help me in this then... Its would be super duper fantastic to give Mika suprise...
  6. HEY HEY HEEEYYY.... MANI MĪĻIE DĀRGUMI NO LATVIJAS.. Lūdzu sakat, ka šeit kāds vēl iegriežas bez manis..
  7. Helllo... dārgie Fani.. Kāds mums te ir dzīvotājs šajā lapā..?
  8. Ou yea.. But I happy to come back.. Jesus... I cant wait to see him again... I want those emotions... I havent expected this show.. Mika was soo busy in France... and X factor, etc... but I really happy, that he decide to come
  9. Hello my Darlings... I have been very busy in university, so I wast here very often.... but now - such a wonderfull suprise.. Hes comming back to Riga...yeey..
  10. Happy Birthday