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  1. thankkk youu!! ohhh i looove this interview... because it is the first I ever saw on tv when I just discovered mika!! *memories*
  2. helllloooooo...and welcome to the MFC!! glad to meet new Vitas fan........and mika fans...i think
  3. why when I click on the link it says: This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request. howwww do i watch it??
  4. are you sure it is him with the grace tatoo? maybe it's only me, but it doesn't look like him...
  5. i voted... but why isn't mika on the list?? finally you got it!!! thanks for the review!!
  6. he is really cute in this vid... loooooveeee your new jim sturgess signature...
  7. hi and welcome.. you will love it here.. but be careful, it is soo easy to get addicted... and i come from montreal too..
  8. hahaha... i don't know why but this vid made me laugh sooo hard... must be the the music in the background.... or the red flowers... or the hole vibe he has around him.. just tooo funny:roftl:
  9. pheww..just finished reading this hole thread... I hope they are going to post more pics and vids of the show and afterparty.. p.s.: thanks guapo for your wonderful pics!
  10. yeahhh.. and next week is spring break!!!! ....at least for me..
  11. oh..okay.. understood.. i'm a bit slow today..
  12. thanks for posting.. going to read it now...was wondering.... stephenie asked you?
  13. oh well... you did the best you could. .. **grrrrr at postoffice:furious:**
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