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  1. Wow...God, this makes me feel old. This thread is almost 5 years old. O_o
  2. HIL!!!!!!!!!!!!


    :shocked: HOLEEEE!

    I neglect Mika, I have no idea what he is up to anymore!

    he could be pregnant and I wouldnt know :tears:



    I graduate in 26 days. SHAZ i'm getting old.

    And...i'm neglecting (severely) my MFC peeps. I'm lost as to what is going on in the Mika world anymore. =/

  4. HILARY!!!!!!!!!!!



  5. Aha. Yeah, i'm super pissed off. No Salt Lake City. Really? Bah. Lame-freaking-tastic. I'm off to pout.
  6. Hmm...interesting topic! My best friend is gay. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE him to bits! So...yeah...just thought i'd add my input.
  7. You are very welcome!!! Glad to hear that you had a great Birthday!!! :huglove:

  8. Awww!!

    my friends have been busy this summer, so i've been a loner, going places with my mom and dad :shocked:

  9. Awww thanks for the birthday wish/thread, Holly! :D

  10. Psh, who needs math? (as i'm taking a college math class)

    hehe, he is a gay boy. Oh it's so fun, I love the boy to death! But, he's leaving for college in 2 weeks, so, as of now...I have like no friends.

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