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  1. You mean me right ? of course i'll help, forgot to tell you at dmfc, i'm lurking around there for hours lately.. what time will the queing start, does anybody know ? Think i can't be there before 4pm
  2. A friend of mine has two tickets for munich! pm me if you want them
  3. Ooh, Is it your school holidays? Yeah, my day was pretty good! I was out shopping and then went for a meal with my family!

  4. good thanks :original: i'm on holiday and have time for the Mfc again :teehee::biggrin2: How was yours ? :original:

  5. I'm really good, thanks! so how was your day?

  6. hey !! i'm pretty good and you ? :original:

  7. Hey! Thanks for accepting!

    How are you? :)

  8. he looks like he had some drinks before or is this just a amy-winehouse-trance ?
  9. the interview is great but youtube says the video has been deleted
  10. Hi!:huglove:

    don't worry for your late reply...it's ok! :wink2:

    Let me know if you'll came back :wink2:

  11. hey :huglove:

    sorry for answering SO SO late but i was busy the last weeks.. :sad:

    ok if you have a mcD there i totally missed it :biggrin2:

    Yes, maybe, cause my mums friend lives there so yeah :teehee:

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