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  1. I wish I could go to London and meet Mika people, don't see it happening right now, unless money falls from a tree in front of my face while I happen to be walking by and no one else is around so I can scoop it all up. Mika needs to do the Olympics show..wants to go and play in 2012!
  2. I don't think he meant that his mum was dressing him. I think he just felt overwhelmed with the attention.
  3. Well do you win some prize or something on you tube if there are comments there?
  4. I'm finding the whole thing strange. And that sariflor, you find it strange that he posts videos and you claiming he's acting like a spoilt 5 yr old considering what it says in your sig.
  5. Ok. Fix the spelling mistakes. I just think you should. Excellent work goes to freak out.
  6. Oh ok, I've at least found chapter 12
  7. Ok, I've read 9 chapters and then did a search for chapter 10 and nothing comes up. I'm so frustrated now. Chapters 11 and so on are at the same place?
  8. Thank you, thank you. I did do a search, I do as I'm told:thumb_yello: It's as if you've improved with each and everyone you've done. Although, I can't imagine anything funnier than this one! Besides I can just see Mika saying this. FOR PORN. Listen up you people it's for porn! I know I'm right! porn porn porn..
  9. I am sorry! It's just one guys opinion, he doesn't know nothin.
  10. I know I know.. I will if I can ever stop watching this one
  11. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha loved it! Where's the underpants one and the Canada one?
  12. Cutie wants to have many functions? Is he mad at the beginning of this one? Does he need help? What? I like the toy!
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