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  1. Tomorroooow Argentina - Germany !! . I don't know if you heard what that Germany player *his name is Bastian and his last name it's too complicated for me to write:aah:* said the other day about Argentine people. ¬¬ I thank a lot the coach, that was really polite when he talked that same day. But that player, he's going to have a really hard time at the game tomorrow. .
  2. Hello,how are you?

    My name is Cecilia, soy de Montevideo, Uruguay, I have few friends in the forum :)

  3. You should totally support your country.. Germany, see you next Saturday. *insert evil laugh here*
  4. I support Chile not because of their coach, but because I lived there when I was a kid, so I'm like half Chilean too.. The problem is that Argentinean hate Chilean people, and vice versa.. I like Brazil. If Argentina loses and Brazil it's still on the World Cup, I would like Brazil to win. I've met a few Brazilians and they are nice. =) I've already failed my first guess..
  5. Really ?? You don't think Brazil will win the next game ?? That's great for me because I want Chile to win.. But it's Brazil....they've always been a great team. So I have my doubts. I highlighted the teams I think will win those matches. -I don't know how USA got to this stage.. They've never been a great team and the country honestly doesn't care much about soccer. -Germany - England -- That's going to be an AWESOME game. And I honestly hope England wins, because, if everything goes as planned, Argentina has to play against the winner of this game on the next stage. So, both are really scary to play against, but I think we have better chances to win against England. I don't know why.. - I don't even have to explain why Argentina is going to win that game.. - I want Chile to win, but against Brazil....they've always been good. And Chile was a bad team. But I don't know what happened this year, they're not doing so bad !! It must be their Argentinean coach..
  6. Chicaaaaaaaaaaas !! Acabo de volver en taxi a mi casa y escuché Kick Ass en Aspen !! Me quedé congelada de emoción !!. Poco más le subo el volumen al pobre tachero.. Lei así muy por enicma lo de uds, Vero y Karla. Vero, si, mi plan es aprender a tocar el ukulele. =D Y andá a ver Toy Story 3 que está espectacular !! Te cagás de risa !! Igual es re triste, si no llorás no tenés sentimientos. =P
  7. It is in Argentina, only in Argentina I believe.. In Spanish it does mean seashell, but in Argentina it's an insult..
  8. Verooo !! Como andas ?? =D En mi caso mi celular *mi mp3 murió* está igual con las canciones.. No tanto Lady Gaga, pero si mucho, mucho Glee y John Mayer.. Y debido a que me enamoré del sonido del ukulele, me voy a comprar uno.. En las vacaciones *no se si de invierno o de verano* cuando todas estemos más libres, nos tenemos que juntar !!
  9. Yes people, I admit it. We are annoying, really annoying, but we are awesome playing football.. Never trust an Argentinean.. *I heard recently on Breaking Bad, the tv series, one guy said 'Never trust a South American, dirty, dirty people.'.* I can't stand people here !! And I was born here *I didn't live my whole life here, but most of it I did*. But you can't even imagine how great is to watch a game when Argentina is playing. It's something that doesn't happen in any other country. You can get an slight idea if you watch Maradona behave during a game.. Anyway, Greece, you almost made me faint today !! Great game !! Mexico, see you on Sunday. *insert evil laugh here*
  10. I believe Argentina will win too, and not just because I live there.. But I agree with you, I don't want to say who I really think will win until we're more advanced in he World Cup.
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