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  1. Tomorroooow Argentina - Germany !! . I don't know if you heard what that Germany player *his name is Bastian and his last name it's too complicated for me to write:aah:* said the other day about Argentine people. ¬¬ I thank a lot the coach, that was really polite when he talked that same day. But that player, he's going to have a really hard time at the game tomorrow. .
  2. Hello,how are you?

    My name is Cecilia, soy de Montevideo, Uruguay, I have few friends in the forum :)

  3. You should totally support your country.. Germany, see you next Saturday. *insert evil laugh here*
  4. I support Chile not because of their coach, but because I lived there when I was a kid, so I'm like half Chilean too.. The problem is that Argentinean hate Chilean people, and vice versa.. I like Brazil. If Argentina loses and Brazil it's still on the World Cup, I would like Brazil to win. I've met a few Brazilians and they are nice. =) I've already failed my first guess..
  5. Really ?? You don't think Brazil will win the next game ?? That's great for me because I want Chile to win.. But it's Brazil....they've always been a great team. So I have my doubts. I highlighted the teams I think will win those matches. -I don't know how USA got to this stage.. They've never been a great team and the country honestly doesn't care much about soccer. -Germany - England -- That's going to be an AWESOME game. And I honestly hope England wins, because, if everything goes as planned, Argentina has to play against the winner of this game on the next stage. So, both a
  6. It is in Argentina, only in Argentina I believe.. In Spanish it does mean seashell, but in Argentina it's an insult..
  7. Yes people, I admit it. We are annoying, really annoying, but we are awesome playing football.. Never trust an Argentinean.. *I heard recently on Breaking Bad, the tv series, one guy said 'Never trust a South American, dirty, dirty people.'.* I can't stand people here !! And I was born here *I didn't live my whole life here, but most of it I did*. But you can't even imagine how great is to watch a game when Argentina is playing. It's something that doesn't happen in any other country. You can get an slight idea if you watch Maradona behave during a game.. Anyway, Greece, you almost made
  8. I believe Argentina will win too, and not just because I live there.. But I agree with you, I don't want to say who I really think will win until we're more advanced in he World Cup.
  9. That's the one.. We need to be even bigger. Everybody, invite more people !! =D
  10. People !! Facebook group is done !! But I need help with it, I'm not that great to upload things and make it look awesome. PM me if you want my facebook name..
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