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  1. THANKS dear!!! I'm glad to see them and know that there are many new people, that's good! ------ haha Yes! fingers crossed that everything goes well for us, yesterday's game was tough but happy for the result
  2. Since I read that he would release another album I was very happy! I confess that recently discovered Live your life and instantly fell in love with this song, heard him sing in Spanish aww and I'm very excited Boum Boum Boum and then the melody is fantastic! putting make you want to move the boum
  3. HOLA!!! Habemus MKA FANS URUGUAY@S TODAV√ćA????
  4. Spend a lot of time between the last time to MFC. They usually do this newbie when they first enter the club. I've been through a lot in this last time, good and not so good. Always accompanied by good music Mika transmitting a beautiful energy. Always trying to be aware of the latest news. Waiting with eager anticipation of next album Hope everyone is well dear friends MFC
  5. is amazing to see so many dates for the coming months! what about South America?
  6. woow I'm happy for the fans in Japan will soon see Mika!!
  7. I'm fine, thanks for asking.

    Despite the weather, never too late to wish a good year, so ... a happy 2013

  8. wow fantastic anthem of MFC! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :yay: FOR MANY YEARS !!
  9. MFC HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Back to make contact with my dear MFC Never too late to wish best wishes to my friends in the MFC that 2013 brings many good surprises and many concerts the MIKA in many parts of the world! especially Latin America but always try to be aware of our golden boy .... I will try to be more present in the forum as in old times....
  10. thanks for sharing the news It is very sad what is happening in Syria, I hope everything gets better soon and end this conflict once and.
  11. My first impressions of the album cover was not the best, I like but does not convince me, I think That eventually I will come to love...and want to hear all the songs!!!! I have a question, I want to buy one of the editions That Are sold in the store Mika but I no have the credit card, there another option?
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