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  1. Hi Holly! Thanks a lot for my birthday. Have a nice day.


  2. hi saska :-))


    I wish you all the best...be really happy...:flowers2:

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :yay:

  4. salut my friend :-)))

    ca va?...I hope you didn´t forget to me :-)))

    a lot of kisses from slovakia...

    bonne journee...

  5. you're welcome ^^ have a nice weekend! :bye:

  6. Hello Greta ! I want really to thank you for your com' where you wished my birthday : I just seen it because I didn't logged on MFC during a long time...Sorry again & I wish you have a great evening ;)


  7. hi saska:wink2:...

    I´m here again...and I hope for longer time....:punk:

    what´s new in your life?...how are you?...and what about your lessons?...and roxanne and bebe?...a lot of questions?...no no no...as usual:naughty:

    be happy...my friend :huglove:

  8. Hiiiiiii ! how are you ? I haven't no news about you especially about my last mail (which concerned facebook) :/

    I hope that you're well :)

    hugs & xxx from France


  9. I love a lot of things about him but I think that his smile is to fall over xx everyone
  10. good morning my french friend:wink2:...finally I´m back...my christmas holiday just finished and I try to work:naughty:...

    so, have a fun with your lessons:wink2:...and these :huglove: bisous are for you...bye

  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR or "Bonne année" 2009 to everyone !!!
  12. Wow that's really great Thanks louiza XXX
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