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  1. so from a native's point of view, is Mika's French fast? Any good french film recommendations?
  2. Emerald, you're my hero. :) Thanks a million!
  3. hey all, I just watched his DVD for the millionth time yesterday and I'm wondering about what he says in french? I understand some of it, but not all. Like there's this part were he says some like "il faut faire.. la chemise... ma grandmère..." And 'c'est drole la vie... something si on etait???..... c'est une vrai chanson s'appelle Holy Johnny." And of course the lyrics to the french grace kelly. Anyone can type out what he says? TOo fast for my ears to pick up. Merci
  4. Yes, I love it! It's down to my waist and I adore the feeling of it swooshing around. Do you like dark chocolate with raspberries?
  5. Acceptable in the 80ies/Calvin Harris Can't get it out of my head.. it's driving me insane!
  6. So what exactly does rubbing a tooth against one's ear sound like? Squeeky? Crunchy? A Baaaaabousssh!?
  7. Haha You wouldn't happen to have it would you? Do share! I've been searching all over for it-- came across this thread: http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1612&highlight=scott+mills, but all the links are dead...
  8. xD Thanks for the welcome. I've been around, lurking, for quite a bit. xD Finally got around to posting... is the wet suit interview... Haha, I totally love the jingle!!! Thanks for the link, but that wasn't actually the one I had in mind. xD I have that one saved already... I'm talking about the one from early February where Scott mills was having that Mika themed week. where scott does the complete call with the estate agent... I haven't heard it, but I think it exists... Or maybe I'mcompletely mad
  9. Does anyone have the clip of Scott Mills pretending to be Mika? I've been seraching everywhere for it, but I can't find it... it's driving me insane!
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