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  1. Thank you again.

    Pendant le voyage de retour j'ai mangé beaucoup des Smarties...


  2. Hello Allegra, I forgot to tell you to call me (about Arbon), could be a lot easier ;O).

    I wanted to give you my phone number but your box is full again ;O)...


  3. I'm sorry, now i have a place in my pm box, try again please, if you have time.

    I'm a lot indecise about this gig.

    No ticket at the moment and not accomodation. I'm just know that it is not sold out and it is 300 km from my place.

    At the moment i'm waiting reply from 2 or 3 bed and breakfast not expensives. I wait written reply since i dont speak german.

    If you have info or a spare bed i appreciate your help. Do you know me personally? Sorry but i dont remember your nickname.

    If you prefere you can write me in french. Hello and thanks

  4. Hi Allegra, i'm happy to see that you're coming to Arbon too ! I tried to send you a pm but it did'nt work (it seems that your message box is full ) Perhaps i can help you for the hotel, if you could send me a pm... thanks !
  5. Great Nezza, i'm looking forward to see you all in pink !! Actually, there's a bright, sunny day announced for Arbon on Saturday !!! With max. 28°C, hope it'll stay like this until the gig ...
  6. You can count me in too !! Great ideas , i'm looking forward to participate !! I hope we'll see MIKA after the gig... hope he won't leave too quickly because of this SlowUp...
  7. Exactly. As Sabine told it, if you leave at approx. 7.00 am you won't have any problems. It's only a kind of "circuit" in the Bodensee - region which will be closed to traffic, you can see it on following link: The night will just be a little bit too short for us all...
  8. Hi Droopsy, Thanks for the information. So my signature has been deleted, right? Just to know... thanks.
  9. So, I just had a call with the municipal administration of the city of Arbon. I was told that exactly the street which leads to the camping area will be definitely closed to all motor-traffic from 9 am to 5 pm (including the "Romanshornerstrasse"). The SlowUp itself will start at 10 am. You can have a look at the SlowUp "circuit" using following link: The trains will run as usual. I agree with you Nanou, strange idea to do this at the same time as the Summerdays Festival ...
  10. Hello, merci pour ton message.

    Je n'ai pas eu la chance de te rencontrer à Colmar, car je suis arrivée trop tard pour joindre toute l'équipe du MFC. Seras-tu aussi au concert le 28, au Summerdays Festival à Arbon, en Suisse?

  11. Yes of course . The roads will be closed for cars, motorcycles etc... and people will have to walk, drive bicyles, take their rollerblades, etc...
  12. Hello to you all ! Just a little information to all people who have to leave Arbon on sunday. Be careful because sunday, there will be the SlowUp day in Arbon and the Bodensee region near Arbon. That means that in Arbon, the roads will be closed from 9 am (perhaps even a little bit earlier), during the whole day. Just to prevent you from staying there the whole day instead of driving home... I hope i'll see you all there, was not very lucky in Colmar because I arrived too late to be with you . I'm looking forward to be there ...
  13. SAlut conscrite,

    j'ai hâte d'être à demain.

    A très vite.


  14. OK, fine ! I'm so happy to participate, it'll be sooo great !!! Thanks for the weather forecast , we'll have to take some warm clothes...