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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :huglove:

  2. Just stopping by to say hello!!!

  3. So heres what Ive been up to. Im a week from opening night of my hairspray cabaret, in which I play Tracy Turnblad. They did a hair and makeup test yesterday, without padding or costume. I feel like a demented pageant queen Thought Id put this up here for a good laugh! haha
  4. Mr. Harvey J. Sprocket M.S.R.E. (Medical Surgeon of Robotic Engineering) :das: :das:
  5. Two new shirt ideas I had. But they are SERIOUS cash money. Not sure if Ill ever get them printed out. Who knows..... Mens "H J Sprocket" T w/ Back oil splatter, front bow tie and breast pocket initials- Womens "209" T w/ back lyrics and front "Model 209" and heart engine-
  6. Hey all! Just talked it up with a good friend of mine Kenny, a great guitarist, who I will be taking into the studio in the coming months, to record my next official single "Mr. Sprocket" ! Soon to be followed by "Happy July" What can you expect from the two? Happy July- Its still up in the air whether or not I am bringing in strings. This is definitly going to be a toned-down song, very airy, most likely just the piano and light drums. Mr. Sprocket- Its going to be ridiculous Oh the plans I have for this song..... crazy piano slides all over, my friend Dave has written a great sleezy
  7. I quote Meeks in Vertigo....One of his interviews about Blue Eyes. Did anyone pick up on it? I was like....shout out to the obsessed MFCER's I so love
  8. Hey everybody! So....tonight it my biggest gig yet. Were expecting an insane amount of people, possibly a sell out. Heres my setlist, dont share it with anyone over the pond who might be coming 1. Oh 2. Happy July 3. Quality Cardboard* 4. Jackson Pollock 5. Twisted Emerald City 6. A Pirate’s Song* 7. Guess Who Doesn’t Like You Very Much 8. Vertigo* 9. Hello 10. Blast Off 11. Mr. Sprocket I will be posting video , but not all of them. Most likely just the new ones
  9. sorry, i didnt finish my message. So yeah.. How are you ? i heard somewhere that there is your song on itunes, THATS GREAT. I am so proud of you. I hope it's not too strange to hear from me now, such a long time away.

  10. Hi girl. We had a chat on youtube once but i think it kind of ended so i decided to contact you here. I came here in the first place to tell you something, Mika is going to be in MY TOWN

  11. Wow....I cant tell you how happy this makes me You are all so sweet I cant even tell you. This thread really lets me know that so many of you are concerned about my journey and enjoy what Im doing. Youre all incredible, and visisiting this thread always brightens my day. Two new songs done, one in the works. That makes three, which means a release. I promise, im coming back you guys.....give me some time. Im sorry for the delay. I love you all!
  12. Will do! Is it ok if I make a facebook fan page for you? I think a few people mentioned it on the "SRFC" thread and said it could be a good idea... :)

  13. Thanks so much es :)

    Please spread the word

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