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  1. Hi, omg its so weird coming back here and reading a message. So sweet of you ! How is everything ? :)

  2. I don't know if you'll ever read this, but I miss you ! Wish we could talk again some time :):huglove:

  3. sorry, i didnt finish my message. So yeah.. How are you ? i heard somewhere that there is your song on itunes, THATS GREAT. I am so proud of you. I hope it's not too strange to hear from me now, such a long time away.

  4. Hi girl. We had a chat on youtube once but i think it kind of ended so i decided to contact you here. I came here in the first place to tell you something, Mika is going to be in MY TOWN

  5. Hey you ♥ I miss you

  6. Lalalala... I hope that you've missed me . LOL

  7. Hi guys, today and yesterday i remembered the old times that we used to have. I remember chatting with sammy, mafaa and other girls till 4 o'clock in the morning. AH it was so much fun How are u my sweeties ?
  8. YES! I have! How are you doing??

  9. Hi Love :)

    Havent talked to you for ages. Missed me ? :)

  10. Hi Love :)

    Havent talked to you for ages. Missed me ? :)

  11. i just thought i could come here and see whats new remember ? I opened this thread as a little chat corner and now its huge ) wow, its great. hope youre having fun i still love you
  12. hiya just thought i'd stop by and say hello, hope you're ok, l2a x :-D

  13. Happy Birthday:flowers2:


    hope you'll have a wonderful day:yay:

  14. well i can be on aim quite often. but not jow. im downloading several stuff so its SLOW. i cant do it so fast. but hen i will normally be here ill IM, you
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