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  1. I know! I can't wait for the pictures!!! I haven't had a picture with him since 2009.
  2. No clue what happened to GK, they only posted Popular Song for some reason. And his interview is not posted, either.
  3. I bet Mika did this on purpose. :sneaky2: He planned this all out just to see us suffer. :naughty:


    And this is his first real North American tour in like 3 years!! I hope he doesn't stay away sooo long again!

  4. I can't go either! :tears: I got tickets BUT can't get off work! SO BUMMED right with you! :sad:

  5. I can't gooooo. :crybaby:


    I'm going to be in Europe when Mika's in L.A. (where I live), and after Europe, I won't have enough money for flights to different states to catch up with him. I'm so bummed. :huh:

  6. Yep - you are thinking of someone ELSE! :) I live in South Florida! Let me know if you are gonna go!!! This is SO exciting!!!! :clap:

  7. Hey Holly!! I'm trying to remember...do you live in Salt Lake City? Or am I thinking of someone else? I'm considering going to Mika's gig in SLC coming up. :teehee:

  8. I MUST FIGURE THIS OUT!!!!!! I am going to Europe in March and don't get back until March 28. The day after he does L.A. Maybe I'll do Vegas? Crap. This sucks. And pre-sale is tomorrow??? But I need more time to plan!!
  9. Hey :) I just noticed your post on my page all the way back from the night of the gig! lol, I don't know why I hadn't seen it sooner (hope you didn't think I ignored your message; I just hadn't checked my notifications for a couple months). Hope you've been doing well since that night! :)

  10. Victoria's Secret!! They played Celebrate, Stardust, and Make You Happy. I was having a mini dance party in the changing room.
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