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  1. Happy Birthday Lu :happybday:



  2. On Vanity Fair Magazine they talked about the VFStories and they mentioned Mika with a new photo and a short phrase to remember his discussion about his family
  3. Thank you so much Eriko for this important post! Please please please pay attention to all the infos posted by Eriko and try to follow all the rule and most important L’invito per tutti è di arrivare in Piazza Duomo nella tarda mattinata di Sabato 16 Giugno. The invitation for all is to arrive in Piazza Duomo in the late morning of Saturday 16 June Don't stay late in the night in Piazza Duomo, there's a very high alert state.
  4. And we have even an IG Story just to assure us that he's ok and he's working 1735808871714601027_179779999.mp4
  5. Mika posted new IG stories... this time he shows us an artistic work that he made in collaboration with his brother 1671948472431004448_179779999.mp4 1671948556501628198_179779999.mp4
  6. Mika wrote a column called "Still a kiss..." on Vogue Italia that will be released on 04.11.2017 On the site you can find an anticipation of it Translation by VV* It starts today, and it airs every Tuesday until November the 20th at 21:20 on Rai2, “Stasera Casa Mika”, the award winning Mika one man show. The Lebanese born, English based singer/songwriter, who came out as gay in 2012, is the author of a bold article, available on the November number of Vogue Italia, out November the 4th. Here is a brief anticipation. A cover, three kisses, a heterosexual and two gay ones. Why does the September edition of Vogue Italia, rose such a big amount of dust, ending up being seen and shared millions of times on thousands Instagram accounts worldwide? Wasn’t it “just a kiss”, at the end? The reason seems clear: the gay kiss. But if we look closer, maybe things are not really as they seem. If on one hand an act of love between two men (or two women) is still able to raise such a fuss, on the other, this reaction is the proof that the picture does work. Because it touches a deep spot of our being. And forces us to think. So: are we really sure, that what makes this picture so annoying is homosexuality? What if it was its visual composition, so full of subtexts, of delicate undertones and connections? The lips of two men which almost brush against each other, without getting to touch, suspended in the never-ending moment which follows or precedes the kiss: this is maybe, what makes it so special. Because if we browse the socials, we can find millions of gay kisses, even far more explicit than this. But they are nothing more than bits of stories, lacking emotions, interpretation, they are cold even if we add a “warm” tone to the picture. Technology got us used to a huge stream of images that we like and which we immediately forget. It’s a process which is killing empathy, it’s a huge peril. Provocation, on the other hand, is a discipline that needs an artistic and intellectual preparation. Without intelligence, sensitivity, and culture, it becomes sensationalism, or worse, trash. The “provocateur” is aware of his role, and assumes full and serious responsibility. And that’s what magazines have to do as well, especially those that have an authoritative and transversal voice, as Vogue Italia does, because they measure the emotional temperature of society. The image they put on the cover is therefore a visual statement, the equivalent of a written editorial: it forces you to take some time, the time you need to listen to a story, find its interpretation, examine it in depth, things that in the kaleidoscopic juke-box of the web, we don’t do anymore. That’s where the true provocation lays, on Vogue Italia’s cover. In the call to find such emotion again. The one enclosed in the wait for the imagined kiss, which is the most intense part of the kiss itself. Mika, Vogue Italia, November 2017, n.807
  7. Mika will be at DJChiamaItalia at 11.30 if you wanna listen or watch here's the link
  8. Since i'll be at home tonight, i'll record it! We can't really miss the new song
  9. There will be another imitation of Mika next Saturday on Tale E Quale Show (rai1 at 21'10) Probably (not sure!) mika will be there for promotion
  10. I leave the full translation to the Subs team that I'm sure they'll make an incredible work Here a summary of the most interesting things he said today during the interview: Mika talked about the abuse he suffered from a teacher at school who ruined part of his life, especially his adolescence. This trauma has led him to not read and write normally and he brings the signs even now. He wants to fight against homophobia since in the past lots of people hurt him and help those who are less privileged than himself. He thinks about writing articles about food and nutrition and continuing his partnership with "Corriere della sera". So many many many columns will follow soon. The release of his book and his album is delayed even if he started to write again at the end of his summer holidays. He is writing new things, perhaps in reaction to the dictatorship of "background music". Longer and less structured songs, like landscapes. For more than 70% of men, Mom is the most important person. Writing songs allows him to preserve his fragility. Even men today should cultivate their own fragility. We forget the elasticity of when we were kids, so the heart in the storms of life is likely to stop and hide. Fragility is the antidote. He does not believe there is any difference between men and women. He talked about his family where the emotions continue to explode and they support each others. He talked about the beloved poet of the Great War Wilfred Owen. He talked about his relationship with Italy (shortly his new Rai program... he can't say anything for now). He said a wonderful sentence about Italy: "the more you know this country and the less you understand it, as in love" . Tomorrow watch out 'cause there will be a column about Mika on Corriere for sure!
  11. If you need a translation i can work about it tonight (more or less a summary) . Of course if anyone is not working on it already
  12. I'm so sorry for the loss. David was a lovely and warm person. He made me feel like I was part of the family and helped me in a very dark moment of my life. It makes me sad to know he's no longer with us. I'll miss him. RIP David.