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  1. They edited the review on Festivalinfo, after I said something about it http://www.podiuminfo.nl/review/2333/Mika_-_2710_-_Paradiso/
  2. Oh and a queueing vid: All singing "I only love you when I'm drunk", while queueing
  3. Hahaha Thanks ^^ It is, isn't it...I'm to blame a bit as I just clicked: put online. Didn't read it untill it was published... Oops...
  4. Thank you The review sucks by the way. Blame it on the girls is from the new album???? Gawd she did NOT do her homework well.
  5. http://www.podiuminfo.nl/fotos/2333/Mika_-_2710_-_Paradiso/ Review!!
  6. Uploading them for you only, as we speak... Fifteen of those will be on http://www.podiuminfo.nl soon...probably tomorrow. The reviewer has to hand in the review first... Enjoy! http://s83.beta.photobucket.com/user/Biekje/library/Mika%20Paradiso They will all be on there within the next 30 mins. All the good-ish ones.
  7. Had breakfast at Leidseplein. Nu pasfoto's laten maken. Almost on my way to Paradiso ^^ See you all soon!
  8. Ik kom vannacht pas aan, heb een concert eerst nog, waar ik nu naar onderweg ben. Wat voor kamer heb je? Ik zit op een 4persoonskamer
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