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  1. Ooooh but it is SO much fun talking to people here!!! Everyone (for the MOST part) is SUPER DUPER nice!!!! :huglove:

  2. "Hi Holly! Thanks for the friendship request. Notice that you are the only one ;-) Actually, I don't participate in the conversations much even though I come here often to read" -> that's what I wanna say :D

  3. great! maybe we should draw some stories abt Mika - our lover:roftl: Um.., i've just made did. Love da blue, but still waiting 4 ya comments:
  4. warmly welcome! Korea awesome! I love Korean song, they 're cute and beautiful,oh , I wish I could speak Korean ^o* [my fav korean song is Fuyu no sonata ] Damn! I can't watched the video =.= It said that the vid was no longer available. Grrr! Btw, my name is hương giang [so complex ! ], but just call me boorin luv u :-*
  5. S.O.S - Abba Happy Ending - Mika Seasons In The Sun - Terry Jack it's not make me burst into tear, [so sad that I can't cry =.= ..:sigh:..], but left sorrowful feelings in my heart , sadness...and darkness
  6. ... One of my favorite songs, but I can't find it anywhere TT_TT [it's killing me ...ahhh !]. Does any1 have an mp3 of it , or just tells me where can I download it, plz love ya much ...muah!
  7. lah, i love her 2 songs I Kissed A Girl & You're So Gay so funny
  8. it's like the "chan" in the Hello Kitty - chan [my nickname was named after a cartoon character a cutie piggie ]
  9. lah, it had been raining all day, so I couldn't go to atm
  10. I know I'm gonna love this place ^o*
  11. ah, as you see, this is my first post at MFC I come from Asia, so plz forgive me if my english has sth wrong [should i study harder at school ?] Is it a good thing if I say :"mikaaholic" ? [Maybe I'll make it as my signature ] luv ya all:mf_rosetinted: bb, boorinchan
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