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  1. Hi everyone! I haven't posted here in years but I'm so excited to see Mika again. I'm going from Miami with my cousin. 😊
  2. My parents and sister were like "Are you kidding?"...so I made the line with my sister's boyfriend. He was excited to meet Winnie Pooh too, it was pretty funny. :naughty:

  3. I know, right. :naughty:

    One time I waited 45 minutes to meet Winnie Pooh...it was so worth it! :pinkbow::lol3:

  4. Me too! :lol3:

    I talk to them and then they do those cute gestures with their arms and stuff. :naughty:

    "Omg, Piglet, I haven't seen you in ages! Look at you, you're all grown up!" :teehee:

  5. I just don't really like water parks. :dunno:

    My parents want to go to a water park in Ft. Lauderdale, and we were going to go last weekend, but it was raining. :huh:


    It's so great, and there's like all the characters that you can take pictures with and even though you know they're not real you still feel like you're meeting Winnie the Pooh, or Chip and Dale. :teehee:

  6. Yeah, in Magic Kingdom. :naughty:

    Now I feel like going to Disney. :aah:

    I've been to all 4 parks, but never been to the 2 water parks. :blink:

    The best park is Magic Kingdom, I think, because it's like so...magical. :lmfao: Idk how else to describe it...you feel like you're in this other place, like not real life, and it's like problems go away while you're there soaking in all the magic-ness. :teehee:

  7. I've been to NY a few times (I'm dying to go again), it's so amazing. Everything is so fast, and full of people. It's like...wow! :shocked:


    And I've never been to California. :huh:

    But you should come to Florida first, I'll take you to all the Disney parks. :naughty:

  8. Nope. :thumbdown:

    But tomorrow I'm taking my curling iron, nail polishes, and makeup. Makeovers for everyone! :naughty:

  9. Mhm. :lmfao: Well, only one of them is the one I'm supposed to take care of until school started. That's his fiance's daughter. I willingly took care of the other two (my other aunt's kids) so that the extremely annoying little girl could have some entertainment, instead of me having to play with her. :naughty:

  10. Good idea. :naughty: My best friend sometimes cuts my bangs, she does it perfectly. :blink: When I do the same method she does on me it doesn't look the same. :boxed:


    I'm the same way, they're okay for a little while but being with them from 9 am to 5 pm is wayyyy too much.

    I told my uncle a little while ago and he said that it was okay, cause he knows how annoying they can be. :naughty:

  11. I do that when I don't like how my bangs look too. :huh:


    Right now I'm babysitting 3 of my cousins...and my uncle wants me to babysit one of them weekdays until school starts. This is hell. I think I'm only gonna do it this week, I can't take it anymore. :hair: The kids just stand around me expecting me to be their entertainment. I am not a clown. :sneaky2:

  12. Omg that sucks! :shocked:

    Were you able to make your bangs even, like doing it yourself? I usually cut my bangs myself, but I do them side swept.


    While I was in Argentina I got my roots dyed, and now my hair is less reddish...it looks more natural. I was terrified that the color of the roots wouldn't match the rest of my hair but it did. Phewww... :lol3:

  13. What happened with your haircut? :blink:

  14. I know, I'm kind of dreading it. :boxed:

  15. Yeah. :lol3: I wonder how it'll look after I dye my roots next week...

  16. I think it's just that different people see different shades. :lol3:

  17. That kid is so funny. :roftl:

    It's like orangy red, idk. :dunno::lmfao:

  18. I don't want blonde blonde. :aah: All I wanted was lighter brown hair and now my mom says I'm a redhead. :bored:

  19. I know, right?! I'm like expecting the unexpected. :lol3:


    I hope so. :teehee:

  20. The silence only happened once though...S.Korea scored once and Argentina scored 4 times. :kachinga: Hopefully they'll do well tomorrow against Greece. :boing:


    My dad calls me Hannah Montana. -.-

    When the roots grow I'm gonna go for a more auburn color, I think. :naughty:

  21. :roll1: "The Mistake" hahahaha!

    My family has been getting together to watch all the games Argentina plays, and on the last one (Thursday, I think) every time Argentina would score everyone would cheer and get all excited...then S.korea scored everyone was so quiet. :aah:


    I was beyond nervous! And it's so much lighter than what I wanted, it's not even any color that can be considered brown. :aah: But on the first day it was almost blonde :boxed: and now it's more orangy. :naughty:

    First day: http://twitpic.com/1v4nt2 It looks darker because there was hardly any light there. :lol3:

    Second day: http://twitpic.com/1vc3z7


  22. I'm glad you had a great time! And you're lucky you were there during the World Cup, even if England wasn't at their best. :teehee:


    While you were gone I dyed my hair! I wanted to go for a lighter shade of brown, and since at the salon they bleached it, it turned out kind of golden/orangy/dark strawberry blonde. :blink: But everyone says it looks good, so whatever. And it's gotten a bit darker on it's own too. :naughty:

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