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  1. Hi everyone! I haven't posted here in years but I'm so excited to see Mika again. I'm going from Miami with my cousin. 😊
  2. Hey! I haven't heard from you in forever! I hope you're doing well! How's things with school and such? :original:

  3. Happy Birthday!!! :huglove:

  4. Happy birthday!!!!



  5. :bye:Do you remember I helped you with your French homework?

    I've added you to my MFC friends tonight

    Have a Mikhappy Sunday sweetie. :huglove:

  6. OMG, that's hilarious. :lmao: Please tell me he jumped up and down. :aah:

  7. My parents and sister were like "Are you kidding?"...so I made the line with my sister's boyfriend. He was excited to meet Winnie Pooh too, it was pretty funny. :naughty:

  8. Wow. That's hardcore. :lmao::naughty:

  9. I know, right. :naughty:

    One time I waited 45 minutes to meet Winnie Pooh...it was so worth it! :pinkbow::lol3:

  10. And then all they do is nod and take photos with you. :naughty:

  11. Me too! :lol3:

    I talk to them and then they do those cute gestures with their arms and stuff. :naughty:

    "Omg, Piglet, I haven't seen you in ages! Look at you, you're all grown up!" :teehee:

  12. Ah I love taking photos with those sorts of characters. I act like a kid everytime I get near one. :lol3:

  13. I just don't really like water parks. :dunno:

    My parents want to go to a water park in Ft. Lauderdale, and we were going to go last weekend, but it was raining. :huh:


    It's so great, and there's like all the characters that you can take pictures with and even though you know they're not real you still feel like you're meeting Winnie the Pooh, or Chip and Dale. :teehee:

  14. You've never gone to the water parks because you've never gotten around to it? Or you don't like water parks?... There's a water park called Wild Water Kingdom that, now water parks have been mentioned, I want to go to!


    I think that makes sense! It's like something you don't normally experience and...well, I know what you mean. :naughty:

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