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    I don't like my job, however, I am leaving at the end of the year so I'm not really that fussed.
  1. uh. I haven't logged in in 3 years. oh my god.

  2. Hola! A wierd guy who sings really high??? lol, yep, thats Mika!!
  3. this site is confusing.... and yes i know its in my own page...

  4. hello! welcomes to MFC from a fellow NZ'er.

  5. hello, yes, sorry I must have missed you, I have been away last month and failed to put someone in my place! sorry about that!

    Welcome to the forums!

    If you need any help, you can ask me!

    im working on getting the new zealand fans more unified in one common goal! To get mika to come to new zealand!


    This is the thread for the kiwi fans


    come say hello! we call ourselves Mikaferns and we just chat about things!

  6. hey... i come from new zealand to...

  7. Hey, this is Captain Raison... im a new member still getting the hang of things. Mika is awesome whoops i misspelt awesome. i put awesumo. but i corrected it. awesumo. sumo. I first heard of mika wayyyyy back in 2007. Grace Kelly was on one of those "Now" cd's. I've been hooked ever since. i was a member, joined up in early 2008, like jan, early jan, maybe dec 2007 i dont know. Before this turned one anyway. Or maybe just after. i dont know. But that account wouldn't work, i waited for years for the account activation email to come through. It didn't. So i created a new one a couple of weeks ago. Bye. Captain Raison says Tea is ready, bril im starving. Wait im not done!! uh.... i dont know. Happy Ending and Ring Ring are my fave songs in the world Cant wait till Mika comes to New Zealand. My canary is called Meeks. see ya
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