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  1. When I went to Enmore theatre in 09 we all spent the day queuing outside the door, I guess thats not really the done thing anymore lol?? I guess I was just planning to get there at like 6, unless anyone wants to meet up?
  2. It's a shame they didn't sell any kind of VIP experience, I was kind of counting on that - I'm wondering about waiting at stage door too.
  3. Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, please move it if I am!! I'm looking for a 2008 parc des princes poster - one of the big ones with the artwork that looks like the DVD cover. Had no luck trying to find one on ebay or whatnot. If you have one lying around or one you don't want anymore I'd love to buy it off you!
  4. There were many, MANY days where it was impossible to keep up with the Aussie thread! And then there's me... alone... in the one-man-band that was the kiwi thread (Can I just say how happy I am that the emojis have not changed bc the MFC emojis are the best )
  5. I work at a radio station. I might have made Celebrate's Instrumental one of the "beds" that the DJ's play quietly in the background while they're talking
  6. Whelp I need to hear this! Weeell, I don't strictly need to. But you get the jist.
  7. Thanks for replacing the links guys! I was thinking about this interview today and I was stoked to find it again
  8. I made my own thread. Thank you!

  9. You are totally welcome to take over the thread! Are you able to take over the first post at all though?

  10. Hello! I saw that you were the creator of the Pen Pals thread. I was curious as to if you were still interested in running it, or if you would like to hand it off to someone? Quite a few people have been interested, but we haven't been able to update the front page. If you would like to continue ownership, that's fine! You had it first! But if you are interested in handing it off, I am interested. :) Thank you!

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