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  1. 因為sui去旅行, 所以叫我提下大家 我地 Mika 個 project重有1日就 deadline 喇! 如果你唔想 miss 左傳達心聲畀Mika既機會, 就快D加油啦! 大家加油! project brief 可以睇返 http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2941355&postcount=1705 Cheers! xx
  3. aiya 我也是新朋友 揮手中
  4. Hey here to offer ////// the image? dancing, a merry-go-round, time machine etc the color? all the colour together
  5. my fav as well, b/w is stunning! Thanks for sharing:thumb_yello:
  6. yeah you re smartkid xd, she is the one I gave credits to:teehee: 完美到喊? yay true in two ways: 1. wt u mean (cantonese is awesomely 抵死) and 2. I really wanna sob becoz of the gap between him and me, I am very sentimental:blush-anim-cl: You should join:aah: Have the coming holiday to work on the sections! We can work it coz我們是金的
  7. Thank you all; Hiya Daniela Yay Hiukings, I'm 19 as well but you are younger than me (I'm the one from March:naughty:) He's perfect, to an extent sometimes I wanna sob! I've joined the project la, the whole thing to me is just brilliant! (including the forum and you Mika fans:biggrin2:)
  8. 又一香港人! 我們會在會場上碰面!
  9. Hi everyone, I am doveeryl but you may call me Beryl I am a Hong Kong Mika fan, despite my very clumsy English, I'd like to be in this MikaLand and know more about Mika and his fans:wub2: I knew Mika because my friend introduced me his song Grace Kelly (2 years ago?), we singing the chorus in the mall, felt happy and freed:naughty: I knew this forum because this friend sent me a page of the Mika year book yesterday(?), credits to you 迷妹 Love Mika because he inspires fantasies, because he combines bitterness and sweetness, because he has his style and attitude, because he is golden:thumb_yello: He reminds you to go forward, go for what you dream. Need lots of time to learn all about Mika, but I'll explore. Nice to meet you all:group_hug:
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