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    Let it be.

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    I braid hair.

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  1. no, unfortunately i was not. the closest one was eight hours away :/

  2. You're welcome :)

    Hey, btw, were you able to go to some acoustic gig in USA???

  3. sorry i'm late, thanks for the birthday wishes!!! :huglove:

  4. Yes I was haha. And they're illegal because of the little toys inside of them. My aunts friend from Germany used to bring us back a few dozens and now she can't anymore and I just can't even it's the whole America! Ahh congratulations!!!! You are so pretty!! Hahahahaha hiba, you'll get there!
  5. It is for such a little thing though haha with this candy talk, someone here needs to send me kinder surprise eggs because they're illegal here now Glad to be back with you lovely people I've missed you guys
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