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  1. yes, Virginie is my name to be honest I hate the green color ahah but I’m still proud of that moment. Thank you for your kind words I added few photos on twitter. I didn’t take a lot of pics I really wanted to enjoy the show! btw sorry for the mistakes in English I still need to improve x)
  2. I am the girl who gave him the T-shirt x) to be honest I didn’t expect him to wore it, I just wanted to give him that T-shirt because I was born in st etienne, I still live there, and the st etienne football team (known under the name ASSE) is more than a football team, it’s like a culture here, we’re raised to love the club because it’s a legend (Mainly in the 70’s) And since I’m a mika fan I really wanted to see him in my hometown, with Lyon just next to my city it was hopeless ’til this year so I just wanted to ... well I don’t know the expression in English but I wanted him to remember about st Etienne i thought he was just going to Wave the T-shirt, not wearing it but I have to admit I was really happy to see him wearing the colour of my city! About the show, it’s was really awesome! A little bit disappoint that we had any songs of NPIH but expect that I really appreciate the show, the decor. I was worried when he was in the crowd, some people were too tactile with him, I remember a girl touching his hair like idk he’s not a toy??? but what do you wanna do.... anyway hope he’ll come back one day ! I have few pics and vids But as im on my phone I’m just gonna share my thread from twitter ! https://twitter.com/virgiinie_/status/1196059677051772928?s=21
  3. I'm in!!! I'll be there! can't wait to see you all
  4. Hi everyone! I'm always late to write reports I'm sorry. Mika seemed really happy to be there and to see some familiar faces. He stopped in front of a few groups to talk to fans he knows when he arrived, before he settled to start signing. I don't have much to say to be honest. He was really sweet. I asked if he had received a book of adventures that a Lebanse fan had made for him and we talked about it. I also told him it was my birthday the day before so he wished me a happy birthday. It's nothing but it makes me really happy. Here are some pics
  5. Hi!!! I'm back from my little trip in Carcassonne and Sollies. I'll explain you the projet. I had the Idea about two weeks before the show actually. It was a bit complicated to plan it all, what's with determining which colour should go on which seat but I managed it in the end. We needed more than 2000 sheets of papeer to make it work and had to print the instructions on every single one of them (I had some help from a few friends for that). We asked for a few of us to get it early so we could set it all up and let me tell you it was stressfull to the very last minute (we had one row wrong as well, nearly pulled my hair out) but the crowd was really into it and was perfect for the test before the show and the moment of the surprise! We were relieved because it was the one thing we had absolutely no control ever! Anyway it turned out great and he loved sooooo mission accomplished! And thanks to Eriko for sharing my pics
  6. Hi! I just came back at home from Geneva. It was a looooong long day but what a wonderful moment! I don't speak with Mika since 2 May 2014 and I was a little bit nervous about the fact to speak with him again lol I had so much to say and not enough time... That's why I gave him a letter but I spoke a little bit with him as well. I was the first to see him because no one wanted to be the first lol Here's the convesation : Me : Hi, it's been a while! Mika : Hi, how are you? ... it's complicated to translate because in French you means TU and Vous (tu is for friends, or people we know, VOUS is for a polite conversation, someone we don't know so I asked him why he said vous? I said "I'm not 50 years old ! :naughty:" Then he laughed. Me : Did you have the gift that we gave to Popof at Bercy? Mika : which gift? Me : Wait, I have photos... There were a bottle of wine, books, ... Mika : Yes, i have it! There were a bread too? Me : Yes but I think it was a tough bread Mika : Yes it was haha Me : Will you ever share the pic of our Merci from Grenoble or do you want to keep it fo you? Mika : Nooooo I want to keep it for me. Me : Oooh that's not cool ! Then he sign my watch box and asked me if my name was Virginie and I said "yeah! You have a good memory! Then I asked him if I could have a photo with me, he said yes and I leave. I said "see you soon!" , he said the same with a big smile but the fact is i don't know when will I see him again It was fast but I'm really happy to have met him again after all this time and he was so nice! He remembers me, he remembers my name, i couldn't ask for more ! All was perfect ! I'll share my pics tomorrow ! I really need to sleep
  7. Here's all my best pics I had only my phone so this is not the greatest pics that you could see but they're pretty cool hehe https://www.flickr.com/photos/ginnie_photographie/albums/72157669098131666 And here's my ugliest and also cutest pic just because his eyes, he was just so happy he's so cute
  8. OMG This gig.... I don't even have the words to describe it. I'm going to skip the part about the queuing and the enter because we don't care. I had a very good place, I was in the front row in front of the drummer. Mika started with big girl and from the beginning of the gig the crow was warm and very receptive. Then he sang Talk About you. I don't know exactly what comes next but I know he sang Relax, Love Today, Good Wife, OOL, WAG, Underwater, Last Party, Lollipop... well all the songs he sings those times. Unfortunately he removed stardust but he sang Over My Shoulder with his friend Alex ! It was wonderful! During Happy Ending, we had a fanaction : we had to show placards with "Merci" written on it. We had almost 2 000 placards for 2 500 - 3 000 people. It looks really amazing! He was so touched and affected that he had tears in his eyes. He stopped the song to tell us "you are wonderful.. I'm really lucky to have you. Thank you very much" well he made me cry.. Here's my video : https://t.co/bNXoZSKMSH Look at how magic this moment was! I will come back to post a link for my other pics =) This is not the best report but I really don't have the words to describe this gig, it was perfect, the crow was prefect, mika was perfect, funny and he talked a lot. I'm love this guy so much
  9. Here's my last video, Good Guys : And here's my report. I don't know how to start ahah I have not seen Mika since his concert in Grenoble in July 2013 (time fliiiiiies). I saw him at "The Voice" in 2014 but it's really not the same thing. Gigs are better than a TV show. So I was really happy to see him again in live after all this time. When I went to the show I was really sick, too much sick. I slept only 4h and I thougth I would die before the show ahah but I survived! And don't know how I did but when the doors were opened, I managed to run and get the front row in front of the micro The stage set was absolutely amazing! Too tired, too sick, too happy? I don't know but when Mika came on stage to sing "No Place In Heaven" I started crying like never ahah my eyes were a fountain The show was perfect, Mika was very funny. During "Big Girl" he talked about the venue saying she was very chic, too chic for him and he said "It's like I could cut the air" ... You don't understand? Me neither lol Then he sang Goof Wife, Grace Kelly, Boum Boum Boum. During this one we had some papers with differents photos about the song like those ones : Then he sang Talk About You, he explained to us he had to take a plane and a train to come in Lyon but he came by car from Florence (Firenze?) 22 mins before the show because of traffic... who said he was always late? Good guys. I really love this jacket During Underwater he took my phone and said to the audience to turn on their light. This moment was wonderful When he came back for the.. encore (Le rappel, you say Encore in english, right?) He said he forgot what to sing, "I screwed up my setlist" then everybody yelled a song but Mika didn't understand. He said it was like if we were in a village who was burning in Game Of Thrones then he sang J'ai Pas Envie, Lollipop and Over My Shoulder I was really happy to hear this song again! Now I'm waiting for Grenoble and I hope I'll be able to be there. And sorry for my mistakes Here's some pics :
  10. Am I late to share my vids? I'll share Good Guys and my pics tomorrow. Also I could write a report of the show if you want
  11. Congrats to winners! Happy for you! My friend who playd for me doesn't win... that's the game! lol
  12. Happy Birthday Virginie



  13. It's only 14 days after my bday... But I've not mobistar mobile.. I hope lot of Belgium fans will win
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