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  1. oh noo. is this sold out? even it isnt, i cant afford it rn boo but if it isnt, can someone give me a link plz? thanks
  2. hiii. is there anywhere i can listen to mikas album online?? i'm gonna buy it but i want to listen to it rn thanks
  3. i can't remember now haven't been on here for such a long time

  4. haha ya, i am. you have to reply on my wall for me to see your msg btw.

  5. haha woah! howd you find that?? hello!! (:

  6. hi on this thread you wrote about finding someone on getrevising who goes by the name of thegirlwhoknewtoomuch

    just saying that it is me.:naughty:

  7. ohh... ha har ! Humans. Want to watch that film. And woo, this thread is alive My last post on MFC before that was in August of last year
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