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  1. Happy Birthday to YOU !!



  2. I't okay' don't worry about it! Its still a very cute picture of him! :)

  3. 1st i'm sorry for my delay reply , i wasn't here lately !!

    2nd thank you , i like the pics too he looks so cute :wub2: !! actually i don't really remember where i found it ...

  4. I love your avatar picture! Its amazing! Where did you find it? :)

  5. my friends watched it before the exams started , but i i didn't - i don't know why - they were talking , and i always asked them to not talk about it when i'm with the , cause i don't want another season to be ruined they told me its EPIC .. and it really does :wub2: Mcdreamy looked so cute :mf_lustslow:
  6. season 5 .. mom ruin it on me .. i really got mad on her did you watched season 6 finale .. thats the one i'm talking about
  7. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE grey's ... :mf_lustslow: i checked the Grey's thread
  8. me too :tears: . I LOVE him !! i want a friend like him .. i really hated mom when she told me that he die , before i watch it ! i couldn't watch it cause i had exams
  9. Ooooh Grey's thread ... LOOOOOVE this show OMG last night was EPIC i watched the season finale at 1 a.m till 3 , and i CRIED ..CRIED .. CRIED .. till i couldn't breath .. i swear it was EPIC i guess i didn't watched the whole season 1 and half season 2:blink: gotta check on that !!
  10. WOW , didn't know about this thread till now WHY ?! i'm HUGE grey's fan + HUGE Mika fan =
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