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  1. wiiiiiizzzzzzzzz 

  2. Wiiiiizzzzzzzzz 🤓

  3. Ohh, hope you father gets well soon. Kisses :huglove:

  4. Hello my dear :bye:

    How are you ? I'm sorry for my late reply :teehee:

    I took part in the competition for Swatch, but it was too difficult and I had not a lot of time for that because my father was in hospital during 15 days.

    I went to the audition for the Voice last monday and I'll go again on monday 18th :wub2: Mika does a great job and he'll be a very good coach. He is very funny and has a lot of fun with the other coaches :naughty: We were very happy because when he saw us in the audience, he said hello to us.

    As we'll be in Paris, we'll stay for the Swatch signing. I don't know if I'll buy the watch. I think it's not the kind of watch I'll wear :teehee:

    You have reason to go to Milan :wink2: It's always good to see him, even just for a few minutes :wub2: I would like to go in Italy for a gig, one day.

    I ordered the Songs Book too, for my Mika collection :naughty: I hope I'll receive it this week.

  5. Bonjour dear, how are you? :bye: long time without talking. Are you taking part in the swatch net. hunt? me not, so difficult for me as I can not be connected the whole day to the net and moreover it's not easy being the first in solve the puzzless. :aah: I guess you'll go to some of the auditions for "The Voice" in Paris, how lucky you are, enjoy it very much.....I'm sure of that :wink2:


    I've just ordered the Songs Book, I know there're the same songs but it's good for the Mika collection. I'm thinking in going to Milan the 23th with daughter for the swatch signing, we are looking for some flights, we'll see, you know I have a big problem called "husband" but I have to manage the situation and try to go there :blush-anim-cl: I know it will be a craziness now he has a lot of succes with the XF thing and maybe it's not worth it to go just for a few minutes to see him :doh: but it's not bad a weekend in Milan :naughty:


    I wish you a nice day. Lots of kisses :huglove:

  6. Thank you so much my dear :huglove: with that beautiful man my day and life is lovely :wub2:

  7. Happy birthday my dear :flowers2:

    Hope you have a lovely day :huglove:



  8. @Silver : On this pic, he laughed at the korean fans @Mellody : Yes, it's a pity that the photo is not clearer and Mika's face more enlightened. I was lucky that the balloon passed in my field of vision as I took the photo. @Treasa : Be careful with those pics, not good for the health of Oldlings
  9. Thanks to everyone for the reports, vids and pics. Lot of good memories Here is my little report. I was very happy to be able to go to this gig and to discover the beautiful country which is Switzerland I had a nice day in the queue with my friends and other fans. For the gig, I was in front row, on the left. The weather was very hot, but fortunately the security guards watered us regularly and gave us some water. The first two groups before Mika were not too much my cup of tea. Mika’s gig was one of the best I’ve seen. It was full of emotions, surprises. The venue was so beauti
  10. Ok pour ton cr, prends ton temps :wink2:

    Oui, j'étais aussi au m&g à Avenches. Je pleure maintenant en regardant les vidéos :blush-anim-cl: C'était très émouvant de voir la réaction de Mika quand il découvre le cadeau qu'on lui a fait avec le MFC.

  11. coucou

    oh comme je te comprends !! tu étais au m et g à avenches aussi ? en tout cas tout avait l'air génial là bas

    je te raconterai colmar dans un loooooong mp dès que j'ai plus de temps :) !!!

  12. Il faudra que tu me racontes ça :wink2: Tu dois encore être sur ton petit nuage :wub2:

    J'étais à Avenches ce week-end, j'ai du mal à redescendre sur terre.

  13. hello :) oui de retour, en vacances !! je n'ai plus autant de temps pour le mfc, mais ouiiiiiiii j'étais à colmar le semaine dernière et OUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII j'étais au M et G !!!

    bisous :)

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